Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Brando was the king of the mooners

Marlon Brando was an large personality with, I'd imagine, comparatively ample butt cheeks, as Diane Keaton, woefully, reminds us. Rush and Molloy have an intersting story today about the mingling of hollywood and cafe society, a la Brando:

"In her memoir, 'It Seemed Important at the Time,' (Gloria) Vanderbilt writes about her four marriages and assorted flings.

"After her one-night stand with Marlon Brando, he took his time calling her. When he finally reached her as she was boarding a plane back to New York from L.A., he said: 'Thank you for the tender feelings.'"

No word, though, on whether the word feelings is here used as a noun or a verb (drum roll).

Anyhoo: In the September 2004 Premiere Magazine, Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton, among others, share la recherche du temps Brando:

"Robert Duvall: He liked the cameraderie (on set), the jokes. There was a lot of cutting up to keep things loose ... (In the scene in The Godfather where) he comes from the hospital , these two grips in hospital jackets have to carry him up the steep steps. He put these heavy metal things between the mattresses in the springs, and they practically had a heart attack going up the steps. He just laughed like a kid.

"Diane Keaton: Mooning was a big item. Brando was the king of the mooners."

Yeah, yeah, it is a slow gossip week with all the celebs in Sardinia. Here's some best of to keep you cool:

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