Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Throwing Up Gotti ... No Disrespect


TheSmokinggun has an interesting feature on The Gotti's -- no disrespect intended -- and the video surveillance of their prison visitations. It dovetails neatly into my pet theory of the evolution of human personality. Threats and force are the particular pedagogical tools of the Gotti Clan, gained from the many generations in the strong arm business, thus enabling the next group. Just take a gemlike glare at where those overly-gelled heads came from, and you can already see who they are now, and where they are going, with their anger management issues and unremarkable grammar -- no disrespect intended. The Smokinggun throws down in furious anger:

"Despite grandpa's suggestion that he pursue a legal career, little John says he'd rather be an athlete. The Dapper Don, however, doesn't want anyone in his family leading the degenerate life of a baseball or basketball player. Bristling, the lil' wiseguy announces that he'll instead opt for a less glamorous career. That sass doesn't sit well with the incarcerated hoodlum, who threatens the kid with bodily harm and tosses him from the visiting room. Raging at the child's bad attitude, Gotti blames his own wife Victoria: 'That shit comes from your fucking mother, not from me,' he tells his daughter. "

This is hilarious, you have to listen to the audio to get the true jailhouse family visitation feel of the word "dysfunctional."

And the ignorance on display here -- no disrespect -- I'll transcribe:

John Gotti, Sr: There's a good chance that you might go to school to become a lawyer, (his grandson) John, I hope so ...

Victoria: No, daddy, he is going to become a lawyer.

Lil' John (then, 10 years old): No, I'm not.

Victoria: --Really? Lil' John: No I'm not (emphatic), I'm gonna be a basketball playa.

John Gotti, Sr:-- You aint gonna be no basketball playa.

Victoria: Don't get smart, smart aleck.

Lil John: -- A Baseball playa.

John Gotti, Sr: You aint gonna be a baseball playa or a basketball playa.

Lil John: Of course I am.

John Gotti, Sr: --Let me tell ya somethin'

Victoria: He's being smart today.

John Gotti, Sr: Let me tell ya somethin' --

Lil John: You're gonna tell me what I want to be.

John Gotti, Sr: Let me tell ya something about basketball playas and baseball playas. To be a good basketball playa or a baseball playa, first of all, you gotta to be a good liar. A good lowlife. And --

Victoria: -- Take a lotta drugs.

John Gotti, Sr: -- You gotta take steroids. You. Must. Take. Steroids. And anybody that takes steroids is a garbage pail.

Lil John: Alright (inaudible)

John Gotti, Sr: I don't care if you wanna be nothin' ... You'll get an ass kicking from me ... you'll never forget the ass kickin you get from me, you understand? .. I'll put my foot right up your ass ... I'm serious as cancer, boy.

Priceless. Now you can see why those boys turned out to be such punks -- no disrespect intended.

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