Thursday, August 05, 2004

James St. James Interviews Michael Alig


Gawker -- God bless you, Choire, for finding something hot in this slow news week -- turns our attention to this interview on World of Wonder between James St. James and convicted murderer/club kid Michael Alig. Hilarity ensues. It's just like old times:

"James: Well, the last time I talked to you, you had protection from someone, from some prison gang or something, and there was some crazy black guy banging on your cell trying to get your stuff.

"Michael: That was the last time you talked to me?!

"James: Yeah. It�s been like two months.

"Michael: Oh my gosh, that was just after I got here to this facility!

"James: And you were telling me how much you loved it. Tell me again how much you love it.

"Michael: Well (laughs), not any more.

"James: You were saying it was like the Roxy, that everyone walks around with their shirts off.
"Michael: Well, yeah, it is like that. We get a choice to go to the gym or the yard every night � or the field house as they call it. It�s like this big auditorium, like the size of the Roxy dancefloor.

"James: And there�s music and stuff?

"Michael: Well, they�ve got those huge video screens, like the kind that are like�

"James: ...the Palladium ones?

"Michael: Exactly. There are three of them and they each play a different kind of music: one is disco, one is rock, and one is rap.

"James: High-energy dance music in prison, yay!"

High energy dance music indeed. James St. James later delivers what can only be construed as the Most Surreal Line (one, incidentally, that could just as easily been filched from a Bob Dylan song) when he asks, "Do you really NEED somebody to say I love you at the dinner table, when you're dining with murderers and thieves?"

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