Monday, August 23, 2004

Political Hairess, On Political Heirs and Hairiness

The Corsair has interviewed John Kerry's hair (one of my best efforts, if I do say so myself). And, like the Gotti's liquid gel, oozing, the hair issue travels through the gene pool, and swims freestyle in the body politic.

To wit, Lloyd Grove's Lowdown, who catches John Kerry's "heir" Vanessa in his crosshairs:

"Luxuriantly locked John Kerry - he of the manicured salt-and-pepper mane - might have high-maintenance hair.

"But Lowdown hears that the Democratic standard-bearer has nothing on his brunette wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, and his blond daughter, Vanessa."

Vanessa, you'll remember, drew gushing prose from an admiring Ben Affleck, who wrote in Harper's Bazaar, comparing her to a "Nordic milkman's daughter, with her flaxen hair."

"Vanessa Kerry, who at 27 is three years younger than her brown-haired sister, Alexandra, apparently can be ... picky. Lowdown hears she expressed her displeasure with a recent session by sobbing."

And of Alexandra's hair, Joyce Wadler of the New York Times Boldface keeps us appraised today, with:

"Ms. Kerry was the surprise guest at the 'Voices for Change' benefit for her father, JOHN KERRY, at Ars Nova on Wednesday night. She appeared on stage in a green T-shirt (it read Better Karma on the front and Vote Kerry on the back), a ruffled black skirt and stiletto sandals.
"Her long hair was down and she sounded darned pleased about her outfit."

Too sweet. Back to Lloyd:

"But Cloutier stylist David Shannon, who tends to (Ed Note: Teresa, pronounced Teh-Reh-Sah) Heinz Kerry's coif, disputed rumors that the First Lady-wanna-be is too demanding.

"'That's entirely untrue - she's a wonderful lady and a pleasure to work with,' said the 40-year-old stylist. 'She's finicky about her hair but not diva-esque. She's particular. She likes floppy, sexy hair.'"

"As for Vanessa's rumored fit, 'I heard something about that, but I know Vanessa and I'd be really surprised,' Shannon said. 'I just think that's gossipy. She's got enough hair for two people!'"

In other politically hair-raising stories, Page Six reports that The Governator, Ah-nohld, the very image of masculine vitality, may have his hair touched up (The Corsair chuckles softly):

"But (Beverly Hills stylist Giusseppe) Franco tells PAGE SIX's Tom Sykes: 'We've known each other for 20 years and he just stops by to say hello and maybe have a cappuccino. How could anyone have their hair cut once a week? Maybe once a month he might have some work done.'"

What is it about politics and hair?! Think: Senator's hair. It's all about the hair in politics; consider, if you will, my comments on Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, the very best head of political hair bar none, of which The Corsair wrote, in April:

"There is no coif more spectacular than the Japanese Prime Minister's coif -- period! Japanese Prime Mister Junichiro Koizumi's hair. It is so stylish, so fluffy: like raven's wings flecked with salt. Is it real? How can anyone's hair be so ... ethereal"?

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