Monday, August 09, 2004

Deadbeat ... Looking For a Deadbeat

Embattled actor Don Johnson, who played Sonny Crockett, the alagator pet-owning rough-edged pastel wearing sailboat living cop, may soon be singing The Smuggler's Blues with Johnny Law himself if he doesn't pony up some dinero for his unpaid shopping bills, according to the Beeb:

"A judge has ordered Hollywood actor Don Johnson to pay an unpaid shopping bill of nearly $5,500.

"Pitkin County District Judge Erin Fernandez-Ely said Johnson must pay $5,470 ... for the overdue balance at Clark's Market.

"The judge also ordered Mr Johnson to pay $426.85 in interest to the grocery store in Aspen, Colorado."

Although the former icon has put his Aspen 17 acre ranch for sale, The Aspen Daily News writes:
"Tom Clark, president of the valley-based, nine-store chain, said it's doubtful he'll extend the former 'Miami Vice' star a line of credit in the future, even if he satisfies his tab. Clark's had given Johnson a line of credit since 1989, but last year his bill went unpaid, and he had been in default since September, according to court papers.

"'We're dealing with somebody who at one time was very credit worthy and obviously a very successful actor and a very successful businessman, and really, it's sad,' Clark said. 'It's sad for anybody who's successful but can no longer pay their bills. This was not a fun thing to do, and hopefully I'll never have to do it again.'"

Pay the bill, Sonny, or, you belong to the city, Don, the city of Aspen's penitentiary.

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(S)wine said...

I demand to see an itemized list of all his purchases. I bet 5 Gs of that bill went on hair products and overall "metrosexual" supplies.

The Corsair said...

Do you know how many disposable razors it takes to get the perfect three-days growth?

(S)wine said...

Jaysus, I never thought about THAT. Good point.

Rudolph said...

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