Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Personal Trainers Are The New Black

Personal Trainers are the new black. (The Corsair says this with an Old Testament finality, a high seriouslness, while, simultaneously munching on a Tuna wasabi crisp)

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, personal trainers have gotten a heretofore unheard of status. It's crazy like Patrick Swayze (The Corsair quietly hums, 'She's Like The Wind,' to himself). That significant cultural artifact The National Enquirer writes:

"'I've heard of stars paying as much as $250 or more an hour for a top-name personal trainer, sometimes much more if the trainer has to travel with them to a movie location or on a concert tour,' Michael Thurmond, a longtime personal trainer told The ENQUIRER.

"'Stars like Oprah Winfrey, Debra Messing and Kate Hudson may pay top dollar for their personal trainers ..." said Thurmond, who also works with contestants on ABC's 'Extreme Makeover.' 'But they can certainly afford it.'"

This news comes on the heels of Page Six's well discussed Tom Cruise doppelganger story:

"According to a witness, the actor's entourage included a man who was a 'young version of Tom.' When Cruise went to take his seat, he looked at his doppelganger who was sitting next to a heavyset man. The friend pointed to a seat next to the heavyset man. And Cruise sat down. But when the lights went out, Cruise's friend and the heavyset man exchanged places so the actor could sit right next to his friend. After the movie Tom ran out with 10 bodyguards escorting him into the freight elevator, leaving behind his pal (who joined him later at the after-party.) 'It was odd,' said our spy. Others in Los Angeles note the doppelganger has been Cruise's trainer for years."

Again with the trainers. Finally, in the new Reese Witherspoon Vanity Fair (because Prince and Oprah were busy), Elle MacPherson says, "Travelling on holidays with my personal trainer (is a necessary extravagance) ... he keeps me in shape."

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