Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Jason Binn's Vida Loca. Hamptons, Upside, Ocen Drive he's livin la vida loca. The Corsair kind of likes Jason Binn, in a Platonic manner. All that media ambition, all those glossies celebrating the ambitious young urban crowd in the Blue States, the starfucking, the Beth Ostrowsky cover to get in the good graces of Howard Stern, the parties. He's sneaky!

Imagine our surprise, when's special Hampton's Correspondent caught The Jason in his crosshairs, like some big game hunter, as he was grazing:

"Jason Binn was out in full force, looking like a serious frump machine with his Guy Trebay-style button down shirt sloppily half-untucked. It was a weird sight, watching him gently place one hand on David Lee Roth?s shoulder (see also: NY Social Diary party pictures of August 3rd) and stare off vacantly into space as Roth mumbled sweet nothings to some young blondes.
During the dinner, I noticed a man had left the tent and was peeing in the woods. ?Jason!?? I called out. There was no response. It may have been the three mojitos talking, but I really, really, really think it was him."

Out: The Blog speculates that behind Patti Davis' tryout with ABC lie dark network ulterior motives:

"LA's own Patti Davis has had quite a life. Daughter of a president. Out and out rebel. Pictorial for Playboy. Wife of a yoga instructor. Best-seller author. And now newest correspondent for "PrimeTime Thursday"? Sources say ABC is giving Davis a tryout for a permanent gig with the show. Of course, there's also a lot of muttering among the staff there that ABC wants to score the first post-Ronnie TV interview with Nancy Reagan, and who better to help arrange it? But did NBC get there first? After all, Davis's brother, Ron Reagan Jr., has scored himself a great gig with MSNBC."

In: Jennifer and Richard Pryor. They met in the freewheeling 70s ("keep on truckin'!"), she was a petite model who had "dated" Warren Beatty (hasn't everyone in LA?) and he was the hottest comedian in the land, but with his demons. Because of those demons, Jennifer left Pryor. Now, years after the divorce, they are back together again. And now Richard, suffering from MS, is the one being taken care of by Jennifer. According to Star:

"Jennifer says that she set about turning his life around, firing all of the help and starting from scratch by bringing in a new team of doctors. She also streamlined his expenditures and created new sources of revenue in the form of specials (his most recent special, Richard Pryor: I Ain't Dead Yet, Motherf**er, ran last November on Comedy Central) and re-releases of comedy albums. And though Pryor was worth millions in his heyday, Jennifer says extravagant spending left him with a modest estate -- he has less than $1 million in cash left. 'We are not wealthy,' she says."

But, evidently, they are happy.

Out: Moby Drinks. According to Page Six:

"'We started bottling them because in a fit of naivete and hubris, we thought that Teany drinks were great and that people would love them,' he tells us. 'And we've learned through sweet and painful trial and error that the Teany Peach Berry Green Tea Cooler mixes far too well with vodka.' Moby will perform a rare deejay stint atop the roof of 60 Thompson tonight at a bash to promote the drinks. "

I love those tiny little tea leaves in tetley tea, but naivete and hubris are my favorite flavors, so I'm sticking. Am I the only one in this room who wants to punch Moby?

In: 50cent 50 Cent will make an appearance next season on The Simpson's.

According to MTV News (link via Uncle Grambo):
"In an episode titled 'Pranksta Rap,' Bart sneaks off to attend a rap concert, featuring 50, without his parents' permission. When Homer and Marge realize their son is missing, he fakes his own kidnapping to avoid punishment."

Folks, I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Comment here on on VH1's Best Week Ever Blog.

Out: Sharon Stone. According to the 3AM Girls:

"PURRING wildly to promote a movie which critics have universally panned, Sharon Stone couldn't have looked happier on the red carpet alongside Halle Berry at last night's premiere.
But behind the scenes of Catwoman it's a different story - the fur is flying between Sharon and her fellow co-stars.

"We can reveal that while Halle and cast members, including Benjamin Bratt and Lambert Wilson, are staying at the plush Dorchester Hotel, on London's Park Lane, Madame Stone has demanded to stay separately in a suite at the �1,800-a-night Claridges hotel instead.
Her decision has proved irritating to say the least, especially as the press junkets are being held at the Dorchester.

"Insiders tell us Sharon is being a true pro about her promotional duties but when she's not working she just wants her 'own space'. So, while the cast have been getting together and dining at swanky restaurants such as Nobu, the 46-year-old star has taken walks with her assistant around Knightsbridge."

The Corsair pauses for a second. He needs his "own space."

"We also hear that Sharon, who wore a 20s-style gown to the bash, has no plans to join the rest of the cast at the film's other European premieres. Which leaves them to promote the lame film, described as a 'purr-fectly ridiculous and boring cat-astrope'. One New York critic said: 'Even with Halle Berry cavorting like a third-rate dominatrix, it's as sexy as a hairball.'"

"A well-placed insider tells us: 'It's as if Sharon just wants to get the work over with so she can get back home as quickly as possible.'"

Can you blame her?

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