Thursday, August 19, 2004

Cassini Versus Scaasi

British Vogue writes today that you probably don't want to get in between either of these men. Meeow:

"OLEG CASSINI has heard all the rumours before, but he still won't let them go undisputed. The designer who made his name by dressing Jackie Kennedy is refuting claims in Arnold Scaasi's new book, Women I Have Dressed (And Undressed), that his popularity with the Presidential household was down to a habit of bringing beautiful models to the fittings 'for the benefit of the horny young president waiting upstairs'. 'That's a great one,' Cassini scoffed to Women's Wear Daily. 'That is patently untrue. This man is absolutely dreaming.' Still untrue, says Cassini, are the repeated rumours that the clothes he made for Kennedy were not designs that he came up with himself. 'These are accusations I have heard all the time,' he went on. 'The reason for them is that it was such a terrific job and everyone else wanted it. I have a career of 75 years and on that I have to be judged. I didn't have to copy. I have my own style.'"

I have a solution. Marquis of Queensbury Rules. Extra emphasis on the Queens, with all due respect, in the case of these two elderly gentlemen. Hey fellas: this was all over waay back in '68, now, shake hands and decompose quietly.

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