Saturday, August 21, 2004

Madonna and Kabala: Splitsville?

"Mama told me one day it was gonna happen/
But she never told me when./
She told me it would happen when I was much older./
Wish it would've happened then."

Is This The End, New Edition

There are reports around the ethers that Madonna's Kabala phase may be drawing to a close, going the way of her South Beach Latina phase, her Black Basketball player phase, her Club Kid phase, her lesbian phase, and her British Aristocrat phase, all in the dustbin of her history, her sloughed off ethnic skins.

According to FemaleFirst:

"Madonna is reportedly becoming disillusioned with The Kabala Centre, an insider has been reported as saying to the Star newspaper.

"The source is quoted as saying that Madonna is upset that they have apparently been marketing off of her.

"The source was also quoted as saying that she is also tired of them constantly coming to the well for money, and she was furious they leaked she was to visit to Israel. The insider said that Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie have had enough of it feeling leaders have become too intrusive in their lives.

"It was reported recently that during rehearsals for a performance Guy Ritchie was so angered with the constant interruptions that he ended up scuffling with one of the Kabala rabbis."

That having been said, Madonna apparently still has an interest in the religion itself and it's texts, even as she has issues with its worldly leaders and representatives, according to a recent Ananova, where:

"Pop star Madonna has bought Britney Spears a priceless 12th century Kabala book to celebrate her engagement to dancer Kevin Federline."

The Corsair says aloud: 'Now, what is Britney Spears going to do with a book?'

"The singers are followers of the mystical offshoot of Judaism, so Spears in fascinated with the special bound edition of Zohar, also called the Book of Splendour, and travels everywhere with it.
"'It paints a bigger picture than even the Bible. It's just so interesting to me because I've never read stuff like this before,' Spears was quoted as saying."

One can imagine Britney, poring over the ancient text, using a dildo as a bookmark, stopping only for a moment to get some "fixins," and to help Federline get the right Fosse angle for his baseball cap.

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