Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

Mixed: Spike Lee versus QT. In the latest round of trash talk between hothead paisan Quentin Tarantino and perpetually angry black man Spike Lee. Our favorite dusky Napoeleon does an interview with King Magazine:

"King: In one of our previous issues, Quentin Tarantino said he could ...

"Spike: ... He said he would beat me, Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorcese in a fight. Yeah, I read that. That's infantile, talking about directors who could beat up other directors. That's all I have to say about that."

comment here or on VH1's Best Week Ever blog.

In: New York is So Cool. I am sitting here at my desk laughing at this song (link via Stereogum via Lindsayism). Best line: "Man you can party like crazy party out there. Hip kids are into, like, smoking crack. New York is so cool." And, runner up: "Oh my god, that section where they show people out on the town in Paper Magazine? Check this out, I'm in the new issue standing next to Amanda Lepore, and Moby. New York is so cool."

Out: Wanna Be in a Britany Spears video? Are you a beefy weightlifter? As the ad says, if you are 18-45 and "extra large," you could make a fast $500. Britany wants you: do it for pop culture. Who knows, this might even be for that "My Prerogative" remake.

In: Paris Hilton has taken a hands-on approach to the recovery of Tinkerbell. Keep it tuned here, The Corsair is forthwith renaming itself The Tinkerbell Recovery Network. And, as you can see, Paris has upped the ante, increasing the reward on the whereabouts of the missing pooch from $1,000 to $5,000, and even going so far as to put up flyers herself (link via defamer) in search of that teacup chihuahua.

Yes, it's delicious isn't it? (The Corsair pops open a bottle of Larrivet Haut Brion Graves, 1998) Absolutely yummy.

Out: Bill Clinton's sex drive. According to Leslie at the LA.Com blog, Bill Clinton is still horny after all of these years -- surprise, surprise:

"Even though I'm on vacation this week on Martha's Vineyard, I have to share my presidential sighting. My friend and I were sitting at a caf� this afternoon when Bill Clinton and his bodyguards rounded the corner. He was wearing a hot pink polo shirt, khaki shorts, and his legs were white as a ghost. (Bill, ever heard of sunless tanner?) I smiled. He didn't say hello but I definitely caught him checking out my rack"!

Greeat: Instead of discoursing on US policy in Iraq, he's busy checking out Leslie's ... uhm, well: "raq."

In: Silver. Silicon enhanced fembot Pam Anderson-backed Olympic hopeful gymnastic team took home the silver medal in the Olympics. But anyone whose seen the Pam and Tommy video knows that in the sport of gymnastics, Pam is all gold. Stay gold, ponygirl ... stay gold.

Out: Penny Arcades. David Blaine invested his "magic" money in a first-edition, vellum-bound 1532 Machiavelli's "Il Principe." You would think that with all his "magic" money, David Copperfield would invest in something more interesting than penny arcades, but the great David Patrick Columbia, our favorite New York diarist, tells us in today's social diary:

"Last night?s book launch was a textbook demonstration of the team?s talents not only for party-giving but promotion. The Copperfield penthouse which was built in the 1970s originally for General Motors heir Stewart Mott (I?m not sure he ever lived there) has a swimming pool on its top floor, and 360-degree views of the city in all its glory. You can see clear out to New Jersey, north, west and south, Westchester, Connecticut and Long Island. It?s beyond breathtaking. Mr. Copperfield who made his fortune (as everybody knows as the world?s most famous magician, has a huge museum collection of penny arcade games from the late 19th, early 20th century. And, they all work, so the far flung room was filled with guests inserting their pennies (there were buckets of them about the room) and playing. "

A likely story, to be sure. But David "Copper" field was simply making everyone's spare change disappear. First -- you put the penny in the arcade and, presto! David is one cent richer. Now: repeat! "Magic" can't possibly pay for a 360-degree panoramic view of this city. I'd lay 50-50 odds that right about now Our David Copper is rolling up enough pennies to vacation in Aspen.

In: Aspen. According to Fashionweek Daily:

"The Hamptons and Malibu might be the humid havens of the semi-rich?but the truly rich (and more chill) like to summer in Aspen. Since there are very few flights a day?from Phoenix or Denver?it means it's almost the exclusive domain of those who can afford or commandeer private planes. A lot artsier than partying on Puffy's boat in St-Tropez, there are think tanks, music festivals, opera, art openings, and galleries galore.

"... At night, in restaurants like Cache Cache, Campo di Fiore, or Aspen's Matsuhisa, it's the same look, but with more diamonds. Days are spent hiking up the Ute (a famous steep trail), with a baby in a backpack, having a much needed massage afterwards, then lunch at the pool at Little Nell?now owned by the Crown family?followed by an Altitude Martini (Stoli, cranberry, peach, and a little soda)?a nap, and a great dinner. Post dinner, the evening continues with limoncello at the Caribou Club, owned by Harley Baldwin?who owns much of the prime real estate in Aspen. He also just opened a furniture and design store, with great deco looks dating from the twenties to the forties. However, the famed Caribou is famous for its antler motifs?and its roaring fires, even in the summer.

"Spotted around town last week were Jamie and Steve Tisch, who were hosting Mary Alice Stephenson, the New Museum's Lisa Phillips, Don Johnson and wife Kelly, Walter Isaacson interviewing Sandra Day O'Connor at the Aspen Institute, and Sherry Lansing, licking an ice cream cone outside the Paradise Caf�?home of Aspen's best brownies and chocolate chips cookies, excellent post-hike, well-earned carb-calories."

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