Saturday, August 07, 2004

Who Is the Queen of The Blogosphere?

Those Brits are always starting trouble, fucking always: first it was taxation without representation, then the lethally unfunny Benny Hill, which spawned a generation of molesters, and now ... this: a 3 page London Independent article on Stephanie Klein. Frankly, I like Stephanies blog, and I'm glad she's getting the international attention, and, by virtue of that, all of us bloggers trapped in this New York clusterfuck.

Stephanie, if you don't frequent her blog, is the witty cutie who was once asked out by Chris "Mr. Big" Noth. The Independent took to calling her"Manhattan's weblog internet queen," which, in turn, you can imagine, set off some blogosphere controversy, the likes of which we haven't seen since the Krucoff vs. Lockhart Steele Wars.

Felix at MemeFirst weighs in:

"First: weblog internet queen? As opposed to, oh, weblog cuneiform tablet queen? More to the point, the entries are unreadable, even for someone who lives here: I can't imagine a UK reader caring about them in the slightest.

"Still, the Independent does raise an interesting question: who is the weblog internet queen of Manhattan? Back in October, I announced that 'the true queen of the blogosphere' was Jen Chung ... Widening the competition to include the likes of Maccers and Eurotrash, who would you nominate?"

The excellent Nichelle responded, justly, bringing up some names we are familiar with, and some new to us:

"Hey, what about me? or Lindsayism? the Real Janelle? Culture Kitchen? LustyLady? AlexisT? Brazilian Muse? Sweet Blog O'Mine? Standard Deviance? Ultragrrl? Hottpants?"

To which I'd like to add to the list SocialiteLife's Miu Von Furstenberg, and La Depressionada.

Have I missed any? I'm sure I have. I'm writing this hung over on a Saturday morning. Who do you think gets the Internet Queen of Manhattan? If we go beyond Manhattan, why not OldHag and Sarah Weinman (Is Sarah a Manhattanite? I don't know; I do know, however, that she got her Master's at John Jay, but she occupies a sort of sexy and spaceless "all crime all the time"frame in her blog, so I'm not sure)?

(And why is this only Manhattan? Is this some British plot to separate the boroughs and reclaim her colonies? Fuck if I know, people. I'd just ask: Who is the Queen of the Internet).

And when Is Lindsay going to allow us to comment back on her blog? I guess when people behave. Damn, I miss the to-and-fro on that blog with comments.


starzstylista said...
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Anonymous said...

Well slap me silly!
Thanks for the kudos.

All of the mentions here are good but they are all so different from each other that the question no one has asked is, "Queen of NY blogs" because she writes about NYC or because she gets a lot of hits or because she gives good press?

I strongly feel that the queen should write a personal and not, ahem, a commercial blog.

The thing is that we all write about NYC from very different angles. If you read us all as a group you get a good feel of what it is like to live in the city.


PS : I "discovered" Socialite's Life when I was writing a metablog called TypePadistas. I instantly fell in love with her : . Funny because guess who I bumped into today? Chloe Sevigny. Immediately thought about Brown Bunny, the infamous billboard and Socialite :)

PSPS: I asked Lyndsay about comments and RSS. When is the woman going get RSS!?!

Nichelle said...

I totally forgot about Socialite's Life's Miu. She's excellent! Well now the queen may now be "girl with a plan" Jessica Coen, the new editrix of Gawker.

The Corsair said...

Another player in town, Jessica Cohen. We should seriously plan a Ms. Manhattan Blogosphere. I would so be into being a bathing suit judge on that one.