Saturday, July 30, 2016

Brana Dane's Birthday Party

Photographer:  Jan.

The evening began with a terrible thunderstorm, but by the time Brana's Birthday Plunge began at the far west end of the island of Manhattan, the sun had come out once again. At the plunge Hotel Bar & Rooftop at the Hotel Gansevoort on July 14th model and writer Brana Dane celebrate her birthday. 
I arrived early at The Hotel Gansevoort early to watch a photo shoot with Brana done by fashion photographer Frederica Dall'Orso, who flew to Tokyo the day after the shoot. The activewear designer was Nesh NYC, an active wear line. And the jewelry was NYC-based brand Kiss of the Fae, inspired by Fairies. Afterwards there was drinks and dancing far into the night.

 Spotted among the crowd:  Daniel Scot Kadin, Conlyn Chang, Jan Miryam Marina, Brad SetserChristian Neonsanchos.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Media Left Behind: Tim LaHaye, RIP

On the occasion of the death of Tim LaHaye --> my blog post titled "Media Left Behind," circa 2004: