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Best. Celebrity Halloween Costume. Ever.

Okay, it is probably cruel to make a big thing out of the Halloween costume choices of someone who has not always exhibited the best mental health. That having been said, the "bottomless" wedding gown wore by Mariah Carey to Heidi Klum's 2004 Halloween party was the Best. Celebrity Halloween Costume. Ever.

The genius of Mariah Carey's insanity is that a week later, Carey managed to find the "bottom" of the gown -- or have it sewn on or what have you -- and wore the new ensemble to Diddy's 35th birthday party:

Even Vogues Andre Leon Talley had to step in at that point and utter the infamous line, "... because Mariah needed guidance." Honestly, life would be so flavorless if not for Mariah Carey and her poom-poom shorts (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).
Media-Whore D'Oevres

(image via thisislondon)

"Miss Ferrera was photographed for the latest British edition of Marie Claire magazine. She even graces the front cover - following in the footsteps of some of the world's most glamorous women such as Angelina Jolie and Denise Van Outen ... Miss Ferrera, 23, has found fame with the popular U.S. series, which is now in its second season here in the UK. She plays the good-hearted but dowdy Latina who lands a job as secretary at the fictional Mode. Betty soon proves herself to be very efficient and is determined to succeed in the fashion world - but is a little hampered by her looks and dress sense." (Thisislondon)

"So, who wants to kill Benazir Bhutto? Not Musharraf, who is astute enough to know his complicity in her death would be devastating for him ... Al-Qaida and the Taliban, who do not want Bhutto to lead Pakistan's government a third time, are behind the suicide bombing but do not appear to have acted alone. In addition to the bombing that took at least 136 lives, it is unpublicized that snipers fired on her convoy. Not al-Qaida's style, that points to Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, or at least rogue elements within it. Musharraf, though still military commander, does not exercise complete control over ISI, which is considered a state within a state and gave birth to the Taliban in Afghanistan." (RobertNovak)


"Speaking to reporters at a briefing, Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), the two-cycle chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said the 2008 election could be 'a seminal election.' He said the results could 'change the tectonic plates of Congress.' Schumer said he expects to hold all 12 seats that Senate Democrats have to defend in 2008 and to pick up a share of the 22 that Republicans are trying to hold, expanding on his party’s slim 51-49 majority." (TheHill)

"We know how Diddy loves his models! At Monday Night's Angel Ball, the music mogul was spotted cozying up with Danish stunner May Andersen, who was sitting at his table. 'He kept his arm around the model for most of the evening - whispering into her ear,' says our spy. 'The two left together while Patti LaBelle was taking down the house singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.'" (Gatecrasher)

"Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the House Democratic Caucus chairman, dissented from Speaker Nancy Pelosi's support of a resolution condemning the 92-year-old Armenian genocide that has proved to be the big blunder of her tenure." (Novak)

"Police questioned Britain's Prince Harry as part of an investigation into the killing of two rare hen harriers last week at the royal family's Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England a spokesperson at Clarence House confirmed Wednesday. The prince, an avid outdoorsman, and an unidentified friend were nearby when the birds were shot, and press reports have suggested the two were the only hunters on the estate at the time." (Time)

"Iran, China and Russia may have reached agreement for the supply of Chengdu J-10 advanced combat aircraft to Iran, according to Russian media reports. The Russian business daily Kommersant published the story on 23 October but it was picked up and translated into English by the state-controlled Novosti news agency the following day. Kommersant has an acknowledged track record for monitoring Russia's dealings with Iran and Novosti's involvement gives the story an official seal of approval. China, perhaps surprised by the extent of the Russian reports, has moved quickly to deny them. According to the state-controlled Xinhua news agency, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao told a regular press conference: 'The report is false and irresponsible. China has not conducted any negotiation on the so-called fighter issue. We hope the Russian newspaper could clarify its report.'" (Janes)
Corsair (Creepy) Classic

Happy Halloween ...
Was Time Russert "Belligerent"?

(image via drudgereport)

Clearly, the Clintons will never attain the love and approval of the Washington elites -- the Sally Quinn set -- as, say, the Gores, who were to manner born and bred. The Gore-Hillary tensions were all about that DC Elite-Clinton culture rift. The Clinton's have never been loved by that crowd (The Clintons and their courtiers never played That Game). And that lack of the acceptance from the DC Power Elite combined with opposition from Republicans who never believed a "draft dodger" -- their words not The Corsair's -- should ever have followed in the footsteps of Reagan, 40 and Bush, 41 (Modern-day conservatives claim ownership of The White House, and are willing to render sleazy little 5-4 verdicts at will to hold onto it), led to Bill Clinton's impeachment in the House (But not The Senate). And there you have it, The Corsair's Modern presidential History.

The fact that Henry Ross Perot -- isn't that French? -- siphoned off white male Republican votes from Bush, "No New Taxes" 41, thus electing Clinton without the popular majority -- which precipitated his infamous Triangulation -- only intensified the bitterness that only 8 years in the political wilderness can bring (The Corsair sips a 1947 Chateau Margaux Margaux).

Now, the DC Elite strikes back, in the form of the Dean of The Talking Heads, Tim Russert. From Drudge:

"Clinton Inner-Circle Blame 'Unfair' Moderator Tim Russert. 'He Bordered On The Unprofessional,' Top Hillary Advisor Charges. 'He Broke Debate Rules And Was Belligerent'..."

We are not fans of the sanguinary Clinton-Bush dynastic politics -- it is neither in the best interests of America, nor the character of a democratic republic -- but The Clintonistas have a point: Russert was clearly goading the candidates to attack Hillary (Averted Gaze). It was every bit as savage a maneuver as The New York times page A1 above-the-fold insinuation that they will be on top of Bill Clinton's post-Presidential "extracurricular activities (May 23, 2006)."

Monday, October 29, 2007

Corsair Classic

Corsair Classic

Suave ... goddamn they're suave. (image via style)
Media-Whore D'Oevres

(image via

"WHICH big TV star who dabbles in nightlife enterprise took his drunkeness to the next level? He was spotted sucking face with another guy in his car while hammered." (PageSix)

"I hear LEONA LEWIS is set to be a Bond girl -- after film bosses ditched troubled AMY WINEHOUSE and asked Leona to record the theme tune for the new 007 movie instead ... Known only as Bond 22, it will star DANIEL CRAIG as 007 and is due out next year." (Showbiz)

"Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) scored a major win Monday with the endorsement of Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.). The backing of New Hampshire’s senior senator should provide a boost to Romney, who already leads in the key early primary state." (TheHill)

"In Chelsea, meanwhile, model Lisa Cant was one of many navigating the throng of hipsters, artists, and hipster artists packed into Phillips de Pury for RxArt's annual silent auction. 'Are we lost?' she wondered aloud. Downtown fixtures Tara Subkoff, Benjamin Cho, and Hope Atherton scoped out canvases by art-world heavy hitters like Sol LeWitt and Marilyn Minter. 'I'm a big supporter of 'If you have to have it, then just buy it,' said Subkoff, eyeing a Richard Prince image of actress Jenny McCarthy that eventually went for $50,000. "I once bought a painting and couldn't pay my rent for four months.'" (Style)

"(Senator Carl) Levin has argued for years that New Hampshire is a small state that is not representative of the nation and it would make more sense for some other state — Michigan, for instance — to begin the nominating process. By general agreement, the other 48 states allow New Hampshire and Iowa to go first because when those two states feel threatened, they go absolutely ballistic and vow to halt syrup and ethanol production and possibly form their own nation." (Politico)

"As Manhattan bustled with pre-Halloween revelers over the weekend, on Saturday those with the most ingenious costumes--and coveted invites to boot--flocked to a townhouse turned dream scene in the West Village for Allison Sarofim's annual costume party ... On hand were also Fabiola Beracasa, who pranced around as an Autumn Queen with a pumpkin-colored costume and a headdress, a bee-themed Alexis Bryan, a lobster-like Gina Gershon (whose costume complemented the crabs adorning the bathroom walls), as well as Genevieve Jones, Carlos Mota, Kim Vernon, Douglas Friedman, Marjorie Gubelmann, and Anh Duong, who sported a chic Louboutin heel atop her statuesque frame." (Fashionweekdaily)

"'Darfur Now,' Theodore Braun's infectiously optimistic, if perfunctorily realized, documentary about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Sudan arrives in theaters at a crucial moment. While the civil war in that wartorn region rages unabated, demanding more international visibility, the wave that brought documentary film (and a host of media-silenced issues) to commercial prominence here in the U.S. seems to have crested. As of this writing, only a handful of 2007 documentaries have crossed the one-million- dollar theatrical gross mark generally deemed a minimum condition for reasonable success, and while more and more high profile docs are opening each weekend, the returns have grown increasingly meager." (Indiewire)

"Security was tight at Sotheby’s and my BFF took offense when, after he was told we were going to be able to photograph Princess Caroline’s two handsome sons, the PR people rushed them right by us. He took matters into his own hands by breaking loose from the barriers to pop off one shot. Security came rushing up to him to eject him immediately even though he protested that the Grimaldis were uncooperative and the publicists were liar's! This was one hot red carpet and such a strange mix of guest celebrities: Buzz Aldrin, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Sir Roger Moore, Carolyn Murphy and George Lucas. Now, c'mon, who could have put that mix together?!??" (Paper)

"At another event with heart, A-listers hit the red carpet for the fourth annual Black Ball, which benefits the Keep a Child Alive AIDS charity. Iman introduced the evening's honoree, Bono, to attendees such as Jay-Z, Sean Combs, and Salman Rushdie, who greeted the humanitarian rocker with a standing ovation. The group love continued when co-host Alicia Keys performed duets with Sheryl Crow, Gwen Stefani, and Bono himself. 'Alicia is the real deal,' said Rachel Roy. 'Her energy grabs you and makes you want to do something to help the world.'" (Style)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is The Cowboy an Outmoded Political Archetype?

The quintessential American political archetype is that of The Cowboy. Part of the magic of the Reagan crowd is that they have made Ronald Reagan-the-President virtually indistinguishable from the manufactured simulacrum of Cowboy-clearing-brush-on the-ranch. And we, as Americans, are conditioned to oblige the leathery masculinity and libertarian gumption of cattle rustlers as they marinade in the western sunshine. It was sheer evil genius to couch Reagan's muscular foreign policy -- mining Nicaraguan harbors against International Law -- under the worn saddle of the kindly cowboy of yesteryear.

But is the traditional cowboy archetype entirely outmoded? "Unforgiven," which is widely regarded as The Last Cowboy Movie, presented a new -- final? -- image of the cowboy, one every bit as ornery, but acutely aware of the importance of feminine virtues to temper that toughness. The American West of Eastwod corrected all those years of being depicted as An Hobbesian Murderworld. And if not for Eastwood's "Unforgiven," "Brokeback Mountain," years later, might not have been as great a commercial and -- most importantly -- cultural success.

We bring this up at this historical juncture because of Vice President Dick Cheney's increasingly aggressive posturing against Iran, which can only be properly construed as the smack-talkings of a cowboy-manque. We'll call him "Dusty (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment)." And the resurgence of the Neoconservatives -- they are getting their second wind, you see -- who seem to be making the blasting of Persia a priority project. Swell and lovely.

The PBS Frontline special on Tuesday, "Showdown Iran," described bittersweetly how close America was in ending U.S.-Iranian tensions immediately after September 11 (The Corsair sips a 2000 Les Pierres Fines Pouilly-Fumé). Had the United States reached out to Iran and involved them in our plans in Iraq, 1) pro-American Rafsanjani might have won the Presidency, not anti-American Ahmadinejad, 2) Iran's Revolutionary guard wouldn't be supplying EFP's to Iraqi insurgents, and 3) We might not be on the verge of a new Crusade, or as the neocons call it: "World War IV"

The parallels between the Hebollah-Israeli war and America's war in Iraq are startling. Israel, however, is far more honest and pro-active about confronting their failures in realizing their objectives. The leaders of Israel have heeded the findings of the Winograd Report. Our President, to this day, refuses to listen to the bipartisan Baker-Hamilton Commission Report, which harnessed the ferocious intellectual energies of some of the best minds in America.

As the USS Nimitz prowls the Persian Gulf we seem resigned by some rhythmic historical compulsion to Crusade against Persia. The madness of this process of War with Byzantium is as old as the Herodotean Inquiries. We cannot fail to note in passing that the hyper-masculine -- Diplomacy? What's that? -- approach to the Iraq War is best characterized by the over-reliance on air power at the outset. It was that overreliance that allowed the insurgents to engineer such deadly innovations in fighting against a Superpower. Rumsfeld's restructuring of the military, ironically, weakened the Army, the direct modern descendants of ... The Cowboy.
Duran Duran Falling Down

From the 3AMGirls:

''Duran Duran have fallen foul of the TV censors with the risque, X-rated video for new single, Falling Down.

''... Our insider reveals: 'It's a shame because the film is stunning. It's very arty, dark and deals with the whole celebrity culture of rehab.

"'The band are really disappointed that the video won't be seen because they believed it to be one of their finest yet.'"
Media-Whore D'Oevres

(image via nytimes)

"The long-detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi met with a government official in Myanmar today in the first tangible sign that the generals were responding to outside pressure after crushing a popular uprising last month. Confirming reports from foreign diplomats, state television announced that the meeting had lasted for an hour and 15 minutes at guest house a few minutes’ drive from her home, where she has been held under house arrest for 12 of the past 18 years." (NYTimes)

"The first reviews for Lions for Lambs, the Redford-Cruise-Streep collaboration, are coming in, and they are not good. The movie was a hot ticket at a London film festival this week, but the Times of London derided its 'almost autistic lack of personality.' Variety called it 'talky.' We suspect it costs reviewers some anguish to smite Robert Redford, but in the early going, Lions for Lambs is scoring a weak 40 percent on Rotten Tomatoes." (Slate)

"During a long interview this week in his bookcase-lined East 81st Street home, Mr. Podhoretz, 77, explained the very straightforward proposition he has been proposing to Mr. Giuliani from the start of the campaign: 'The choice before us is either bomb those nuclear facilities or let them get the bomb.'" (Observer)

"Conservative senators and critics of the United Nations are attempting once again to stop the US joining an international treaty on access to the world's waters, despite support for it from the military and George Bush. The UN's Convention of the Law of the Sea, already ratified by more than 150 countries, sets up a system to manage navigation and explore the oceans." (GuardianAmerica)

"The Iowa Democratic Party appears to be joining its Republican counterpart in moving up its caucuses to the earliest date ever. Carrie Giddins, a spokeswoman for the Iowa party, said that party Chairman Scott Brennan will recommend Jan. 3 caucuses when the state central committee discusses dates during a conference call Sunday night." (TheHill)
The Unbearable Obnoxiousness of Kelsey Grammer

We loved him on Cheers. We adored him on Frazier. We didn't so much like Kelsey Grammer playing Assy and ubiquitous party fixture in The Hamptons this past summer. From Hamptons:

"Last week I told you about Kelsey and Camille Grammer putting their Bridgehampton estate on the market for twice what they paid just last year! Turns out they were just 'testing the waters' to see what it was worth.

"I generally just go to the nearest ATM to find that out."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Media-Whore D'Oevres

"Courtney Love's wild ways have seen her left out in the cold when it comes to getting a room at Claridges. After damaging a ($3,340)-per-night suite on her last visit, management of the five-star hotel in London's Mayfair seem to have decided she's not welcome back. The 43-year-old rocker started a fire in her luxury room after smoking a cigarette." (3AMGirls)

"One day in 2002, Michael Hirschorn of VH1 was thumbing through an obscure music magazine when he happened upon an article about a BBC TV show. At the time, Mr. Hirschorn was on a frantic search for creative new programming ideas that might give the struggling cable channel a shot in the arm, and something about the British show’s concept—in which commentators mocked music and fashion trends from the 80’s—appealed to him. Mr. Hirschorn had a hunch that while baby boomers liked their nostalgia straight up, younger audiences preferred to revisit their cultural pasts under the cover of irony and humor." (Observer)

"Whether it’s the Bush administration’s controversial surveillance tactics, interrogation techniques, the Blackwater security scandal or the stalemate in Iraq, Democrats have an easy message to sell voters: 'We’re not them.' For the first time since Sept. 11, 2001, polls show that Republicans have lost their historic advantage on which party Americans trust on national security." (Politico)

"Sexy serial killer Anthony Hopkins premiered his dream within a dream called Slipstream at MOMA and said, 'You'll see it's a little strange, deliberately so. It may irritate you . . . but thank you very much.' The dreamlike state continued at the after-dinner, where Charlene Rose—the film's Dolly Parton look-alike—told me she recently performed with Rilo Kiley, the band whose guitarist Winona Ryder is hot for. Backstage, Winona told Charlene to give Hopkins her regards. 'Sure, what's your last name?' asked Charlene, innocently. 'Ryder,' said Ryder. 'Oh, I hope you don't steal like that other Winona Ryder,' cracked Charlene, not realizing." (musto)

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Corsair Classic

What the --?

(image via fashionweekdaily)
Media-Whore D'Oevres

(image via tiffanymorgan)

"Al Roker sees everything coming, not just storm clouds. When we caught up with him at the Quills Literary Awards last night, we asked him what he thought of J.K. Rowling's revelation that Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore was gay. 'I was not surprised because I always got the sense there was actually something between him and Hagrid,' said Roker, who is a fan of the books."

"Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) takes a sharp shot at Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) in a colorful, oversized postcard being sent to Iowa voters on Tuesday. His message of being a fresh, inspiring change has left him lagging in the polls as Clinton hammers home her experience. So Obama's word is now 'judgment' — and he says his is better than hers on Iraq and Iran." (Politico)

"ABC picks up the back nine episodes for this season of Pushing Daisies, bringing their order to a full 22 hours of beautifully shot, expensively produced whimsy. You know, unless the writers fulfill the networks' secret wish to wipe out the rest of the TV season." (Defamer via THR)

The Douchebag Award Goes To: "Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), who runs his long-shot presidential campaign on a platform of a tough immigration policy, alerted federal officials Tuesday to an event that he said would be attended by 'several illegal aliens.'" (TheHill)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Corsair Classic

Is It time For The Second Tier To Quit?

We are, of course, partisans of The Glorious Bill Richardson. He is even more qualified than Al Gore. If there is even a remote possibility that someone with Goevrnor-Ambassador Richardson's outstanding resume could be elected, we would be so there.

But we are realistic.

We are Corsair.

And Jeanne Cummings of The Politico says what we harbor in the secret of our hearts:

"Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton each have more than three times more cash to spend than their closest money rival, John Edwards.

"They each have more than 15 times the cash of Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd — and Dodd has twice as much as three other candidates.

"A decision about persevering, though, is about more than money. Reputations are at stake, as are future career options.

"If a sitting senator gets slaughtered in Iowa, will the stench of it still linger in the Upper Chamber?"

It might be time for Richardson to bargain for his endorsement against Joe Biden for Secretary of State (Wes Clark is surely either Sec-Def or Veep in a Clinton White House).
Corsair Classic

Dear CBS: Thank You For Cancelling "Viva Laughlin"

What the fuck is it with that annoying genre called Musical. We do not do "Musical." To paraphrase Ice Cube, It rankles; no one wants to deal with that fuckwitage. Why must people sing and fancy-dance when they can simply speak their lines, preferably dramatically (but we'll settle for good comedy writing, too), and walk in a stately, Corsair-like manner? Huh?

How shitty does this look:

Holy fuck! Goddam Wolverene is singing and fancy-dancing! After just 2 episodes, CBS cancelled it.

Please, no more television "musicals." They. Don't. Work!!
Separated at Birth?

Double-barrelled Pakistani strongman, Pervez Musharaaf (image via cbc)

--And heavy-handed New Jersey tough guy, Paulie Walnuts. (image via nndb)
Media-Whore D'Oevres

(image via viewimages)

Absurd comment of the Year: "Penny Lancaster was reduced to tears by the judges on Strictly Come Dancing last night as they described her dancing as 'lumpy.' Rod Stewart's new wife wept openly in front of millions of TV viewers but blamed her leggy physique saying 'When you've got legs as long as mine are, dancing is tricky.'" (ThisisLondon)

"Jindal’s victory heralds the GOP’s further ascendancy in Louisiana, particularly in the face of sweeping demographic changes after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Massive flooding sent many black Louisianans, who often vote Democratic, fleeing from the state to Texas, Utah and elsewhere. While the full political impact of the population shifts from the 2005 storms are still being revealed, it’s clear that Republicans are stronger than before." (Politico)

"Hunter Hill and I hosted a little birthday party at my house the other night for the Ports 1961 designer Tia Cibani .... who is setting up shop this fall in New York. She recently relocated to New York, and she's such a sweetheart, so I wanted to welcome her. It was a fun little ecclectic gathering and was made especially fun cause my great friend Paige Powell was in town, so she came by with Tama Janowitz, Johnny Dynell ... and her friend Susan Mulcahy, who you may know was a Page Six editor years ago, and was telling us how she just finished her newest book called Why I'm a Democrat." (Kim Hastreiter/Paper)

"ANGRY Paul McCartney has hit Heather Mills with a shock cut-price £23million now-or-never ultimatum in a bid to force a settlement in their bitter divorce. The ex-Beatle is furious at Mucca's stalling over a deal and has REDUCED his earlier offer of £25 million to show her he means business. A source close to Sir Paul said: 'This is a FINAL offer. Paul's sick of her. He's adamant that he's not offering her any more deals and has sworn that after this there will be no more bargaining. If Heather knocks this one back he has instructed his lawyers to tell her to go to hell and he'll see her in court —where a judge will decide it.'
Macca, 65, wants Heather to accept a deal that includes a gagging clause preventing her from ever revealing embarrassing details of their stormy five-year marriage." (Newsoftheworld)
P Diddy's "World"

(image via

What world does the Scorpionic P Diddy inhabit? The Island of Dr. Moreau, it would appear (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). From The Post:

"Sean 'Diddy' Combs blindsided his longtime acquaintance with a one-two combo of sucker punches after arguing over women the men have competed to bed, sources told The Post.

"'He was like, Wow, what just happened? said a source close to Diddy's victim, Steven Acevedo. The target of the rap star's wrath never saw the violent outburst coming, the source said.

"The long-simmering feud between the two men came to a boil Saturday when they saw each other in the swanky SoHo club Upstairs on Saturday and began yelling insults at each other, sources said.

"The two parted and Acevedo, 31, went back to his table where he was sitting with friends. Moments later, Combs, 37, who has also gone by the monikers Puff Daddy and Puffy, allegedly walked up to Acevedo and popped him twice in the nose and mouth."

So, so lame.

"... 'In my world, men who have disagreements sit down at a common table and address the issues one on one, man to man. And they don't feel that it's necessary to involve people from outside our world,' his lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, quoted him as saying.

"'I understand that cases involving celebrities sometimes have a life of their own, but I'd rather not be known as the person that put someone from our world behind bars. What goes on in our world stays in our world.'"

And what-the-fuck world is that? The world of territorial primates during rutting season? Grown men don't punch grown men over flings.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Corsair-Bronques Smacktalk, Take 37

Hello, "Assy."

This blog has been vaguely fascinated by that Brooklyn phenomenon "Merlin Bronques" for some time now. He is like our goddam nemesis. Every blogger worth his salt needs a colorful nemesis with which to focus one's hate. And so, "Merlin Bronques," feather-headed hipster, mark this: We are at Blog War. Bring your Drama, freakshow; we can do this ...

Further, we do not like his chin. It peeves us; it rankles.

Bless his soul, but Bronques is about as deep as a thimble. Photography suits him since it is all about surfaces. If we ever met Bronques, it would probably be phenomenally Awkward, considering our history of Corsair-Bronques smacktalk.

Still, the obsession continues; we'd like to think that if we did happen to be at the same party, all would be amiable. We'd have a drink. Chuckle. And then, of course, The Corsair would turn on Bronques online, dissecting the conversation and vivisecting Bronques.

Cause The Corsair is Old School like that.

Here's a snippet of Bronques-speak from the US Magazine Young Hollywood Party on Lastnightsparty might explain why his blessed shallowness is so intriguing:

"Whitney: I play Whitney on The Hills. I play myself.

"Bronques: Do you have a boyfriend on the show?

"Whitney: I don't. I'm not very interesting.

"Bronques: Are you a bitch character or a nice character?

"Whitney: I'd say I'm a nice character.

"Bronques: That IS really boring!

"Whitney: I'm sorry!! (laughing) I guess they chose me as the person who listens to everybody's problems.

"Bronques: My friend Lydia from New York and I think the dialogue on The Hills is vapid."

As opposed to "Bronques dialogue (Averted Gaze)," multitudinous in its irony and liberal in its use of the word "bitch."

But ... you do your thing, Bronques ... you ... do .. your ... thing.
Picture Pages, Picture Pages ...

You might say: What does he have that I don't. And then he'd pull down his pants and the answer would be laid bare before you. At "length." (image via thecobrasnake)

Two words: Robust. Multivitamin. (image via thecobrasnake)

Her father must be a terrorist, because this woman is, like, The Bomb. (image via thecobrasnake)

From the launch party for a tatsteful artistic magazine devoted to the confluence of cake and ass. (image via thecobrasnake)

Beer before liquor, never sicker, hipster asshole. (image via lastnightsparty)

--And "X" before "Meth" precipitates death. (image via thecobrasnake)
Media-Whore D'Oevres

$2? (image via papermag)

"Blackjack, coconut-battered shrimp, Glenmorangie and Chopin vodka pouring out every which way brought the sweetest society types out for the John Allen’s-hosted 'A Night in New Orleans' benefit ... PAPER favorites filled the room. Scampering around were handsome Luigi Tadini, Nicole Romano, Levin Rambin, Countess LuAnn Nadeau de Lesseps, Phillip Bloch, Susan Shin and Gustavo Arango. Olivia Palermo whispered '$2.00' when I asked her about her Mondrian-like dress (maybe ‘70s Yves St. Laurent?) that she picked up at a West Palm Beach Salvation Army for two bucks ..."

"Southampton’s former bad boy of tennis John McEnroe was front and center to applaud wife Patty Smyth and her band Scandal at the Alzheimer Association’s Rita Hayworth Gala last week. The evening was dedicated to the memory of Claudia Cohen a longtime supporter of the event who died earlier this year of cancer. When a video was played showing Cohen speaking movingly at a previous event, many in the crowd were brought to tears, including her former husband, Ronald Perelman and their daughter Samantha, and the evening’s hostess Princess Yasmin Aga Khan." (Hamptons)

"Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton's chief strategist, sat down with a large group of reporters Thursday morning for a status report on the presidential campaign. "We are taking absolutely nothing for granted," he said soberly. Everything else Penn said during the hour-long session pointed to a campaign that feels increasingly confident of its position. Penn's appearance at the Christian Science Monitor breakfast came about 12 hours after Barack Obama joined Jay Leno in Burbank for the Tonight Show. Asked by his host about how the campaign was going, Obama invoked one of the more embarrassing moments of the Bush presidency to tweak the Democratic frontrunner. 'Hillary,' he said, 'is not the first person in Washington to declare 'Mission Accomplished' a little too soon.'" (CBSNews)

"NBC’s exclusive interview with Senator Larry Craig in a prime time special, 'Matt Lauer Reports,' attracted just 5.7 million viewers in the 8 p.m. time slot Tuesday, according to Nielsen’s estimates. Among adults 18 to 49, it finished in a tie for last place in the hour with the CW’s 'Beauty and the Geek.'" (NYT)

''A few minutes after 11 p.m. last night, two uniformed caterers were shuffling quietly around Pam Gale’s corner apartment on the 26th floor of Trump’s One Central Park West. Carefully laying out platters of glistening sashimi, buckets of ice and neat little clusters of booze bottles, the servers were preparing for the arrival of musician Danny Federici, who had just finished playing the keys and accordion with Bruce Springsteen at Madison Square Garden. No stranger to performing live, Mr. Federici, 57, has been a part of the E Street Band since its founding in 1972.The after-party was being hosted by the keyboardist’s wife, Chelsea gallery owner Maya Stendhal, who was holding court in Donna Karan near a massive jukebox with the lights of Columbus Circle and Central Park South twinkling behind her." (Observer)

"Former Sen. John Edwards has stepped up his criticism of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton this week, aiming it about her character and truthfulness as well as her substantive policies. This represents a marked change for Edwards, who, even though he has been the attack dog among the top-tier candidates, has gone after her mainly on the question of electability (as he is doing again this week, on a four-day electability tour)." (WashPo)

"The Hamptons man, Kelsey Grammer, who is a noted Hamptons celebrity for owning a large house in Sagaponack and a frequenter of parties and the Bridgehampton Starbucks, has put up his home on the market after just having it for three years for 16.1 million. Sources tell us that he has at the most spent a total of two months of actual staying at the home during the summer months since it was built in 2005. He purchased the house new in 2005 with wife, Camille, for $8.5 million and it was built by the Farrel Building Company (also known for building Giuliani’s house). No word on why he’s selling it, but it certainly can’t be because he’s tired of it." (DansHamptons)
Diamond Dave

Skanks, but no skanks. (image via wired)

Rock stars can only be properly construed as grown men whose developements were arrested in adolescence that have found a novel way to make lots of money and blast skanks. David Lee Roth is so skanky that he gets a special little shout out by Slash -- the grungy Viscount of skank hisself. And we won't even mention Roth's ludicrous "weave." From Page Six:

"GUNS N' Roses star Slash says life on the road in the '80s was more than just playing shows, it was trying to dodge sexual diseases. In his memoir, 'Slash,' the guitar-crunching rocker writes: 'I remember spending most of my days off in and out of a variety of VD clinics ... I was dating a porno chick as well as this sweet little junkie jailbait girlfriend I had.' He adds that while the AIDS epidemic was in a full swing, 'We figured that no one needed to worry about it until David Lee Roth got it.'"

Corsair Classic

via papermag:

Media-Whore D'Oevres

"When Grace Jones is performing, there's only one place you'll find Naomi Campbell... the dancefloor. The supermodel, 37, was so excited when Grace came on to sing her hits, she dragged Kate Moss up for a boogie. Our spy says: 'Naomi was on fine form. After dancing with Kate, she moved on to fellow guests Katherine Jenkins and Kelly Osbourne." (3AMGirls)

"Perhaps Spike Lee's new film, 'You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Kills You,' should be called 'You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Pays You.' Crew members are grumbling they're still owed a lot of money after a five- week shoot in May. The film is a murder drama set in New York's sharp-edged hip-hop scene. Lee, who is an executive producer, is not responsible for the debts. But crew members said his name encouraged them to work for below-union rates." (Gatecrasher)

"Colbert tops book sales with 91,122 sold in opening week... MORE... 'Clapton' in place with 51,991, publishing sources tell Drudge... GREENSPAN at show after 30,309 more moved [261,196 since release]; ROSIE O'DONNELL 'Celebrity Detox' opens at 25,722; Clarence Thomas with 23,073 [53,420]; COULTER 18,858 [46,588]... Toobin 12,282 [69,889]; Ingraham 10,530 [71,102]... Jimmy Carter 'BEYOND' Opens AT 7,673..." (Drudge)

"CLAUDIA Schiffer says there's only one supermodel in the world today. Gisele Bundchen. She says: 'You're only a 'supermodel' if you're on all the covers the world over at the same time - and that's Gisele. I've seen her in Europe, France, Brazil, U.S.'" (CindyAdams)

"The Israel Air Force (IAF) is refusing to accept additional AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopters until it settles a dispute with Boeing over the performance envelope of the aircraft. One of the IAF's AH-64D Apaches (dubbed Seraphs in Israeli service) crashed on 24 July 2006. The aircraft was on a combat mission near the Lebanese border, on station at an altitude of 8,000 ft, when the main rotor detached from the fuselage. The aircraft, which had logged only 300 flight hours, crashed, killing the two crewmen. The IAF grounded its entire Longbow fleet and established a joint team with Boeing to investigate the failure, which had no precedent in the Apache's history." (Janes Defense Weekly)

"Huffington Post's Rachel Sklar has it that Stephan Colbert will be on Meet the Press this Sunday. Colbert will be talking about his new book, while Sklar will be watching, TiVoing and blogging about the proceedings." (TVNewser)

"According to the Fox News poll, McCain trails Clinton by three points, faring slightly better than former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R), who is four points behind Clinton. The poll also shows the Democratic senator with a 12-point lead over former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R)." (TheHill)

"A record 63 countries have submitted films for consideration in the Foreign Language Film category for the 80th Academy Awards, AMPAS President Sid Ganis announced Wednesday." (Indiewire)

"Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) is bowing to realism and plans to drop out of the presidential race on Friday, Capitol Hill and campaign sources said. 'As of right now, I think he's going to pull out,' said Paul Wilson, who had been serving as a media consultant for Brownback." (Politico)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What The Fuck?!

Nice foreign policy George W. Bush. Smooth. Sophisticated. Putin-Chavez-Ahmadinejad as an anti-U.S. axis living to thwart American will. Brilliant way to squander American hegemony, "cowboy."
Media-Whore D'Oevres

(image via jezebel)

"Last night I attended an event called 'Out Of Fashion: The Absence Of Color,' a 'conversation' hosted by longtime agent Bethann Hardison and held at the New York Public Library ... Ms. Hardison began by explaining that in the '80s and 90s, there were many black models, but the decline has been steady -- and scary. She said she was hoping to bring a radical change in the industry, and named some of her pet peeves, including: Image-makers not having the eye to define black beauty; image-makers allowing only one black model at a time; hearing that black covers don't sell, hearing 'I already have one or two black models'; the fact that agents have such a tough time selling black models that they get worn down. Also, modeling agencies often do not allow black 'marquee name' models to be photographed for 'black' magazines. She noted that since fashion has become such a huge industry and people around the world see images of runway shows, this is not a small issue. 'Globally, it affects everybody.'" (Jezebel)

"Britney Spears must have decided to paint the town pink after turning herself in to police for driving offences. The 25-year-old had dressed soberly, with her dark hair worn loose, to attend the Los Angeles jail at 9pm, where she was photographed and fingerprinted. LAPD said it is not their policy to release the booking photo. But once the boring part of the evening was out of the way, she pulled on a hot pink wig to drive around the city, stopping to pose for photographers." (Thisislondon)

"Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner (D) raised $1.1 million in the third quarter, bringing him into a virtual cash tie with Rep. Tom Davis (R) after less than three weeks of fundraising. Warner’s haul helped him join the ranks of some of the top Senate fundraisers in the country in the third quarter. Only one Democratic challenger, Minnesota candidate Al Franken, raised more money from individuals, according to numbers available by press time Monday." (TheHill)

"Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) said that she will not be seeking re-election in 2012, and may resign her seat earlier to run for governor, according to The Associated Press.The AP is citing a piece from Texas Monthly that is scheduled to run in the magazine’s December edition." (Politico)

"A source close to the star revealed: "Lindsay (Lohan) doesn't have much choice as she is totally broke. The only reason she's coming back to LA, is to earn some money fast. 'She still thinks nothing of blowing thousands of dollars on a single night of partying.'" (Newsoftheworld)

"The 14 October media appearances follow the late September release of images of Fidel standing to greet the Angolan president Jose Eduardo Dos Santos during an official visit to Havana. Collectively, these are clearly designed to demonstrate Fidel is making a steady recovery after undergoing what was apparently major intestinal surgery last year. Nonetheless, it is clear he remains extremely frail and it appears unlikely he will ever be able fully to resume presidential powers." (Janes)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dame Vivienne Westwood: Fashion Industry is Racist

This is a hard one. On the one hand, of course, magazines -- as a business -- must sell. It goes without saying. On the other hand, because of the way things are, black faces cut magazine sales significantly. So, What is to be done?

Fashion magazines -- whether we want to admit it or not -- have great influence in determining what we in society regard as beautiful. Fashion magazines valorize thin, busty blonde women. That is the lo ultimo of beauty in our culture. Are we to leave it that way? Ought we to care?

Postmodern-Punk-glam Goddess Vivienne Westwood -- the only woman ever allowed to smoke in the Paper magazine offices -- says fashion magazines should, for a while at least, be forced to put a certain number of faces of people with color on the cover. The Corsair is not sure he agrees (Who would enforce such an edict? The State? Pfft), but it is interesting (Especially coming from such a working-class iconic source). It is even more interesting if such an idea were voluntarily entered upon by a confederation of major fashion glossies. The lifeliness is, of course, of such an event is -- alas -- doubtful. From Telegraph:

"Vivienne Westwood, the founder of punk style who has become the grand dame of British fashion, is no stranger to controversy.

"Vivienne Westwood described this Government as 'the most autocratic we have ever had'

"She has now turned her fire on the magazine industry calling for a quota of black and ethnic-minority models to be used on front covers.

"Describing the fashion industry as 'racist', Dame Vivienne singled out magazines as particularly culpable.

"Editors, she said, should be 'forced' to use a certain proportion of black models even if it hit their circulation.

"She recalled a conversation with a fashion magazine editor regarding the use of black models which had shocked her.

"'She said that what you always have to have on a magazine cover is a face, that is what sells the magazine, and she told me that you could not put a black person on there because sales halve,' she said."

Of course this would never happen, even in an industry -- at least on paper -- as "politically correct" as the fashion industry. But Westwood is a controversialist trying to start a conversation. A conversation is a good place to start (And, Dammi, The Corsair would love to see some more Asian and Latino faces on fashion magazines as well!).

Bookmark The Corsair (9/18/2007)
Media-Whore D'Oevres

(image via

"She recently accused Mick Jagger of being 'tight' leaving her to pay for the upkeep of their marital home in west London and for their four children.
Now it seems 51-year-old former model Jerry Hall has found a way to make her past with Jagger pay the bills. Miss Hall is to be paid some £1 million by publishers HarperCollins to write her autobiography, making particular reference to her tumultuous nine-year marriage to 64-year-old Sir Mick. According to the publisher, the book "takes a candid look at Hall's experiences as a young model from Gonzalez, Texas, her marriage to Mick Jagger and her life in the rock 'n' roll fast lane," and promises to be an 'explosive' read." (Telegraph via HuffingtonPost)

"Sensing weakness, Sen. John McCain and Rudy Giuliani have formed an unspoken alliance to try to torpedo Mitt Romney just as many voters are tuning in to the Republican presidential race." (politoco)

"Today (Christian Slater) says he has huge sympathy for self-destructive young stars such as Lindsay Lohan (who he met on the set of his last film, Bobby). 'There are a lot of vipers out there. I'm sure it's hard for these young girls to find people they can really trust. There is an element of use you up and spit you out. My heart certainly goes out to Lindsay. She is a very talented girl, everyone loves her, but you know she's a young girl. Who are we to judge or condemn?' We all make mistakes, he says, that's how we learn." (Thisislondon)

"Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards (D) on Monday will receive the endorsement of Iowa’s Service Employees International Union, giving his presidential campaign a boost in the key state. The national SEIU said earlier this month that it would not endorse a candidate in the Democratic primary, however, the Edwards campaign declared that the candidate would receive the support of 'a number of SEIU State Councils,' including Iowa’s, on Monday. Edwards has been courting organized labor in the hope that becoming the top union-backed candidate would allow him to make up for what he lacks in fundraising prowess." (TheHill)

"Sean 'Diddy' Combs allegedly socked a man twice in the face after they'd jawed at each other at a SoHo afterparty early yesterday, police sources said. His Diddyness was holding court with pals and bodyguards at Kiosk, on Spring Street, at around 3:30 a.m. when he got into an argument with an acquaintance, Steven Acevedo, over a woman, the sources told The Post's Larry Celona. Acevedo told cops that the two stepped away from each other, but resumed exchanging heated insults minutes later and that an irate Combs then threw a classic syncopated one-two combo - hitting him in the face twice while screaming, 'I'll kill you, punk!'" (PageSix)

"BusinessWeek didn't let a downpour rain on its parade Thursday night as the magazine celebrated its relaunch with a party at Guastavino's in Midtown. BusinessWeek's president Keith Fox and editor in chief Stephen Adler greeted a slew of leaders and innovators in various industries and businesses including Henry Kissinger, Michael Eisner, Jonathan Tisch, Atoosa Rubenstein, and Liz Lange. The theme of the evening, executed by event designer Matthew David, was 'What's next?,' a question Gavin DeGraw took quite literally. 'I'm hoping cheesecake is next and if they don't have that I would like some key lime pie," laughed the recording artist, who described his style as "a mix of Middle America chic and Nascar runway.'" (FashionWeekDaily)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

How Cool is Scott Pelley?

(image via newsbusters)

Scott Pelley is, like, our journalism "Daddy." Excellent reporter. he is the only thing that keeps me coming back to "60 Minutes," which is thisclose to jumping the shark. From Drudgie-Poo:

"Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, claims he converted from Islam to Christianity, Scott Pelley reports in a story that brings viewers inside the secretive "Supermax" prison where he is being held. Pelley also reports that some 900 force feedings were performed on other al-Qaeda terrorists who went on repeated hunger strikes to protest conditions at the Colorado top-security federal prison. The 60 MINUTES segment will be broadcast Sunday Oct. 14 (7:30-9:00 PM, ET/7:00-9:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network."

we're so there.
Penelope and Javier

(image via popsugar)

Finally, after some very strange courtships -- P Diddy and her "relationship" with Tom Cruise (That one gave new meaning to the term "Cruise Conrol-freak," no?), what a combo -- Penelope seems to have settled down for someone that seems stable and earth-bound. From Defamer:

"Penelope has been pretty much MIA since she was busy in Europe filming Woody Allen's latest project, but while she was abroad she went on a very romantic vacation in the Maldives with costar Javier Bardem. In the past Penelope has claimed that she and Javier are just good friends, but check out these hot photos of them on vacation - we're lovin' it!" (Popsugar via defamer)
George Bush Grows Up on Foreign Policy

(image via world-maps)

What a long, strange learning curve it has been. That The President is an extraordinarily hard-headed man who learns at his own molasses-slow circadian biorhythm is obvious to any keen -- or even not-so-keen observer of the political psychology.

It is not inconceiveable, by the way, that those moribund traits either led to or are the ancillary result of his past alcoholism. Whatever the case, his position on Turkey is exactly right for a President of the United States to take (The Corsair cannot believe that we said that either). Whether or not this heralds a new life as a Morganthauish Realist -- Doubtful! -- he has at least proven capable of undertaking the great compromises one must make at the International Levels of Power to maintain stability in volatile regions at a precarious historical moment.

This is not to knock the curious actions of Nancy Pelosi, by the way. Both the President and the Speaker of the House are correct (And it makes us "politically happy" to say that for the first time in 6 years). Pelosi is not the President, but represents the sentiment of the American majority. The Constitutional role of the Speaker is in natural opposition to Tyranny. It is GOOD and NATURAL that The Speaker of the House of Representatives wants to cast opprobrium on the Armenian holocaust, one of the most filthy and craven acts committed in an already baleful 20th Centuury.

But what Pelosi has the Freedom to say and what the President of the United States ought to say ... are ...a different kettle of fish altogther. Understand?

International politics is profoundly complicated. Pelosi speaks from the position of American soft power -- maintaining the Principles and Ideals of our American civilization. The President, however, as leader of the nation, protector of the commonwealth, has a different role altogether, different responsibilities and limitations on his speech, namely: maintaining regional stability. Cultivating Turkey as an ally in the War on Terror -- an unfortunate term, yes -- is of infinite importance to the United States of America.

If Turkey were to fall to the Fundamentalists -- a nightmare scenario, to be sure -- then the Saudi Arabia and Egyptian governments (and the word's oil supply) would be profoundly vulnerable to overthrow by Fundamentalist regimes. As much as we detest the disgustingly misogynistic royal family of Saudi Arabia and the thugocracy of Egypt, the alternative, dear readers, is a hundred-thousandfold worse. These are the Great Compromises -- for the time being -- that Statesmen must suffer to maintain stability and, most important, to limit the number of lives lost that will live to fight for the improvement of their Motherlands another day (And with, in the fullness of time, U.S. aid and backing).

And so, both Speaker and President are essentially correct. Turkey thus has now enough maneuvering room to rattle their sabres -- not scimitars -- proudly, to show the planet and the region what the Japanese call in their infinite masculine wisdom "Face"; America, also, keeps its crisp and shining Ideals intact. The Corsair would counsel The President to schedule an impromptu visit (a goodwill gesture) to Turkey to extol its history, its people and its ancient culture and confirm our mutual friendship in order to placate the internal situation there. And, The Corsair suspects, The President understands exactly what just happened. Turkey is our friend. Bush gets it.


After 6 years. A light is going off in his head as we speak. Everything on the planet is not a Manichean/Born-Again black-and-white. Nuance, for lack of a better word, is good.
Just Because

Reason #7,522 to love Iman

(And if you ever get tired of David Bowie .. call me?)
Media-Whore D'Oevres

(image via hollywoodtoday)

"On Intrade, where bettors are giving (Vice President Al Gore) a 13.8 percent chance of winning the Democratic nomination, to Obama's 11.5 percent. The market is usually a pretty good measure, sometimes a leading indicator, of conventional wisdom. But that's a pretty dramatic bet." (Politico)

"Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills met in court today as their lawyers tried to hammer out potentially the most costly divorce deal in British legal history." (Thisislondon)

"Warner Bros. is developing a screen version of Beau Willimon's play 'Farragut North,' with Leonardo DiCaprio attached to star and George Clooney eyeing the project as director. DiCaprio's Appian Way will produce with Clooney and Grant Heslov's Smoke House shingle taking an onscreen role ... Protag is a young communications director for a fast-rising presidential candidate. During the course of the campaign, the idealistic young man falls prey to the backstabbing and other dirty trickery of seasoned rivals. The play is headed for Broadway next year, with Mike Nichols reportedly in line to direct Jake Gyllenhaal in the thesp's Broadway debut." (Variety)

"Tilda Swinton (in a white coat and Louboutins) was spotted at the PJ Harvey concert last night at the Beacon Theater ... Chris Rock was seen lunching at Bryant Park Café on Sunday." (Fashionweekdaily)

"And about 10 days ago, about 50 Christian conservative leaders met behind closed doors in Salt Lake City to discuss what they would do if Giuliani gets the Republican nod. Their decision? They would bolt the party." (Politico)