Friday, November 05, 2004

P Diddy Turns 35

Scorpios have all the fun. The day after the Sean Jean Launch (which, incidentally, was the day after The Concession, not to be confused with The Surrender, which, in essence, is a similar activity) P Diddy turned 35, and, according to Oanmedia (link via Gawker) it all went down like this:

"The theme of the bash was royalty, complete with trumpeters playing from a balcony, and rose petals strewn along the entrance to Cipriani Wall Street. A gigantic ball of red roses bore the inscription 'PD' topped by a crown, so we can apparently return to addressing the host as P. Diddy, rather than as Sean Combs, as he demanded earlier this year."

We prefer to call him Diddy ... P Diddy ... According to Hello!Magazine:

"... A roll-call of A-list stars came along to offer their best wishes to the hip-hop impresario as he celebrated turning 35 with a lavish bash in Manhattan's Cipriani ballroom."

"Naomi Campbell was radiant in an elegant red creation"

How hott is Naomi Campbell? Skankitude aside, with a proper suit of armor, The Corsair could make sweet love to this woman all day.

"... and hotel heiress Paris Hilton was likewise turning heads with a figure-hugging pink number and white fur stole."

"Pop diva Mariah Carey meanwhile looked like she was ready to take a stroll down the aisle, in a voluminous white Vera Wang gown and tiara.

Okay, what's up with Mariah Carey? Like, didn't she just rock out a similar wedding dress for Heidi Klum's Halloween Party (see below)?

Only ... oh dear, Ms. Carey appears to have left the house without the bottom part of her dress (The Corsair reddens). Holy chilled biscuits, batman, that's a lot of "copper-colored flank steak" (wink, wink) to consider ... and it was "breezy" on Halloween, too.

Omigod, I'm so embarrassed for her bare ass, wait, no, no, I'm not:

Is she trying to tell us that she is in heat? Is this some mating ritual of hers? Is her biological clock screaming "marry me, someone, or lose me forever"? We'll if that be the case, we'd like to lose her like a bad charm bracelet.

Which giggolo in their right mind would take on this "freak-of-the-week" to be their lawfully wedded wife? Anyhoo:

"The birthday boy, who was characteristically dapper in a black suit, arrived for the event with his model girlfriend Kim Porter. The glitzy shindig came at the end of a hectic few weeks for the performer, who has been working tirelessly on the 'Vote Or Die' campaign in an effort to get America's young people to head for the polling stations.

"And while he's sure to have received some impressive gifts from his showbiz friends, the one thing he most wanted was the chance to relax. 'I want to be able to lie down,' he confessed. 'In this one year, I've run a marathon, I did Broadway, signed on for a movie to do Carlito's Way: The Beginning, won Men's Designer Of The Year, opened a store on Fifth Avenue, got the youth vote out ? and now it's my birthday.'"

Well, minus getting the youth vote out, he did have a fabulous year.


Anonymous said...

LOL Ron I have been laughing about that Mariah pic for the last 20 mins. She dresses up as a bride twice in the same week. She's really starting to lose her marbles. -Case

Ron said...

Me too. What is going on? The first wedding dress was exposing waaay too much flank, and then the second, a more sedate Vera Wang affair. I think Mariah is about to do another "Mariah"

Mary said...

P to the D didn't even vote himself. eye roll... Anyway, the armor suit comment in reference to Naomi made me laugh and as for Mariah, is this nit picky to say why the F is she wearing stocking with open toe shoes? Of course on the verge of another breakdown I should hardly be choosy over the girl's footwear.

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