Friday, November 12, 2004

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Harold Ickes. Those Page Sixxers -- and we heart Page Six -- give us one of the most scintillating pieces of sizzling political scoop in this chestnut:

"BILL and Hillary Clinton are battling behind the scenes to install longtime political operative Harold Ickes as the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee, replacing Terry McAuliffe. 'This is the first test of whether the Clintons can keep their grip on the party,' said one Democrat. Ickes was an advisor to David Dinkins during his mayoral administration and was close to the Clintons, helping arrange stays in the Lincoln Bedroom for big contributors. 'He was the innkeeper when the White House became the Holiday Inn,' said our source. But others are vying for the job. John Kerry's circle is talking up Jean Shaheen, the former New Hampshire governor who chaired Kerry's campaign. And both Howard Dean and Donna Brazile, who ran Al Gore's campaign in 2000, want the job, as well as Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, who wants to make sure his state's widely watched caucus continues to be held before any of the presidential primaries."

Harold Ickes -- son of FDR's Interior Secretary; he who masterminded Hillary's Senate campaign -- as DNC chair would signal a Hillary Clinton bid for the White House, honestly and truly. But could someone as polarizing as Hillary win over those frisky red states, or just further energize that Republican base? If Ickes gets the nod The Corsair recommends Hillary find Jesus (and "testify"), buy a farm, bake cookies, attend some country music concerts, wear dresses not pantsuits and, most important, take up hunting.

Out: Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Aww; too sad--Kate Hudson's parents are splitting up. The Corsair always figured that these two would last forever. Then again, 21 years in Hollywood is forever. According to the Daily Dish:

"Hollywood power couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell reportedly have split after a 21-year romance."

"Friends have revealed the couple's relationship has 'lost its zip' in recent years and Hawn has moved on to realize her dream of traveling the world.

"In recent years, the 59-year-old Buddhist actress has been spending more and more time in India, where she often meets up with Pakistani cricket legend (Ed note: and former husband of retiring actor Hugh Grant's new flame, Jemima Khan) Imran Khan -- a friendship that has reportedly upset Russell."

The Corsair can imagine. A young Pakistani hunk having a "friendship," probably a moist one, with your woman is a bit disconcerting to those of us, unenlightened, who have yet to master the art of Buddhist nonattachment.

"According to sources on the set of Russell's new movie, 'Sky High,' the actor isn't taking the split well.

"One tells America's Globe tabloid that the movie star has been surly on the set, arguing with castmates Kelly Preston and Lynda Carter.

"The source tells the tabloid, 'Kurt seemed totally out of control and, instead of letting up when he saw Kelly's reaction, he just kept going until she finally burst into tears.'"

Watch out or John Travolta's going to ... oh never mind, fuck it, you know he isn't anyway.

In: Jackie O Bitchslaps Lee Radziwill. From Beaton in the Sixties (Cecil Beaton's Diaries, 1965-9):

Radziwill says to Beaton how Jackie after RFK's death behaves:

"'You don't know what it is like being with Jackie. She's really more than half round the bend! She can't sleep at night, she can't stop thinking about herself and never feeling anything but sorry for herself! 'I'm so unprotected,' she says. But she is surrounded by friends, helpers, FBI. She certainly has no financial problems, but she is bored. She takes no interest in anything for more than two minutes. She rushes around paying visits but wont settle down anywhere or to anything. She can't love anymore. She wouldn't throw herself out enough. Of course she won't marry that fool David although he goes on about it all the time, but she may quit and start a new life. Meanwhile the new horror will bring the old one alive again and I'm going to have to go through hell trying to calm her. She gets so that she hits me across the face, and apropos of nothing."

Apropos of nothing.

So hott.

And also in: Neverland. The Corsair attended a screening on Wednesday and it was beautiful. Not as good as the incredibly strange Satyricon, my favorite movie of all time, but Depp deserves the Oscar for the Scottish brogue alone.

In: Ralph Macchio interview. Gotta love Ralph.

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Bubbles, Ink. said...

Indeed, Ickes will pave the road for Hilary. However, I'm rooting for Barack Obama for Dem Nominee in '08.