Monday, November 29, 2004

A Little of The Old In and Out

Forgive the paucity and lack of quality of posts today, Generally I serve no post before their time, and I actually wanted to post much much more, but Blogger REALLY sucks today ... I mean, really, really sucks... it took me 20 minutes after each post to get it online and I don't have the time

I'm giving up, calling it an evening, pitching up my tent, and posting tomorrow.

In: Jamie Lee Curtis. We rather like Jamie Lee Curtis' (Lady Hayden-Guest, if you're nasty) looks, a woman being like a fine wine and all, but, according to FemaleFirst, she disagrees:
"Jamie Lee Curtis says she is quitting movies because she's too old and fat.

"The 'Halloween' star, who is the daughter of Hollywood legends Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, says she's retiring from the big screen because she's 'a 46-year-old fat woman.'

"She said: 'I think I'll phase out acting. I know that the film business is incredibly cruel as you get older.

"'My age is an important factor. I am not aging well.'"

Out: George Michaels' Stalker. Love knows no bounds, like when that freaky dude who stalked Steven Spielberg and was found with, like, duct tape and handcuffs *The Corsair shudders*.

The Corsair doesn't have a stalker, and wouldn't want one except, well, maybe in the sense that it says that someone cares ... if, maybe, a little too much:

Anyhoo: George Michael, who, according to Ananova, has a little freak all his own that will not give up:

"George Michael's alleged stalker has been admitted to a mental hospital to undergo psychological tests.

"Lucy Nowak, 29, is being assessed by doctors to see if she is mentally fit to stand trial after she was arrested for a second time on suspicion of harassing the singer.

"The woman was out on bail after she was found breaking into George's Oxfordshire cottage. But she was arrested again when police caught her breaking a restraining order banning her from going within 100 metres of the cottage or George's North London home.

"... George said his hatred of fame has driven him to the brink of insanity and is now planning to become a recluse for the next ten years."

Maybe he's just not that into you ...

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