Saturday, November 27, 2004

Paris Wants To Be Escorted By Hugh

Above: This man is not an ass ...

The Corsair has always thought that Paris Hilton had the tastes of an uncultivated suburban housewife (the blank smoke colored gaze staring up at us from the tabloids were a dead giveaway), but now her choice in men proves it once and for all. According to The Dish:

"Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has written a letter to British actor Hugh Grant asking him to 'look after her' when she visits the UK in early 2005.

"The reality TV star, 23, has a crush on older man Grant and is keen to be escorted by the 44-year-old Londoner.

"Hilton has had a 'thing' for him ever since she watched him in 2003 movie 'Love Actually.'"

Of course, Hugh already has a sugar mommy, and Jemmy, unlike Paris, does not suffer from a suburban colonial complex.

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