Monday, November 29, 2004

Bill Maher Sex Suit

As you can imagine, a Bill Maher sex suit is an ugly thing to behold unfolding in the media. All that past-their-prime coitus being litigated and debated. The image of a spread eagle (Eew) Maher commingling his vast expanses of saggy untanned flesh with that sleazy "Coco (no, really, the copper wire Raggedy Anne hairdo-thingie really --Averted Gaze-- really 'rocks-our-world' so to speak)," who, quite frankly looks not unlike a very strung out Jet Magazine (or maybe Players Magazine, to be more accurate -- don't ask me how I know about that) centerfold, circa, oh, maybe 1978 (Keep on Truckin!), is disturbing to say the very least. And the less spoken of this unfortunate episode ...

Couldn't Bill get/hire a higher caliber of skank?


theSmokingGun "fills in the gaps," if you'll excuse the pun:

"Denying an ex-girlfriend's legal claim that he used racial slurs and assaulted her, comedian Bill Maher has fired back at the woman,"

-- And, are we sure this is actually a woman? I'm just saying ... you saw the picture. You know where I'm coming from.

" ... describing her as a would-be extortionist who launched a campaign to embarrass and humiliate the HBO star after the demise of the pair's ten-month relationship. In the below Los Angeles Superior Court filing, Maher--described as a 'confirmed bachelor, and a very public one at that'--alleges that Nancy Johnson fabricated claims that he physically and verbally abused her. In a $9 million palimony lawsuit, Johnson, a centerfold model and former flight attendant also known as Coco Johnsen,"

--Okay, your girlfriend, a grown woman, has an alias; what's was wrong with Maher's critical reasoning here? Hello? An alias is to criminal enterprise like a "triple name" -- i.e. John Wayne Gacy -- is to serial killing. Everyone knows that.

" ... claimed that Maher also promised to marry and have children with her, support her financially, and purchase a Beverly Hills home. Portraying himself as Johnson's 'latest victim,' the 48-year-old Maher contends that the woman's 'modus operandi' is to try and shake down former consorts. One of her prior 'unscrupulous schemes,' Maher alleged, involved a 1997 shakedown bid targeting a Miami socialite whom Johnson falsely accused of rape and kidnapping."

The Miami socialite was supposed to "babysit" her, but his girlfriend came home. Fellini couldn't have concocted a more convoluted plot. Here.

Livin La Vida Loca


Nichelle said...

why a black girl gotta be called "exotic" ? (according to Weekend Model) And why did Bill Maher go for the chickenhead swirl? I guees he's not a coward...

Naturally Beautiful-Tips 4 looking your best! said...

First and foremost if this women had of been any other ethnicity none of the nasty outrageous comments about her would have been made. Regardless of her background. Once again the double standard against women and black women in particular rears its ugly head...actually there is no rearing to it...the damn thing is peering not rearing...oh to be a black woman in this world...even Oprah's billions can't save her from getting dissed! Star Jones is getting dissed now....why because a good looking man married an overweight black woman...and that jsut drives people is quite could have only been worse if she had married a good looking white man...than all hell would have broke lose! Black ladies the 411 is go to the UK...this crap does not happen there...Posh is biracial and I have not heard a peep about that when she married Beckham...because it does not matter...period! The US has a slave mentality and a ingrained caste system...with black women at the lowest wrong of it! Oh well...this country will never change in my life time so F**K it and those that keep the insanity going! Nuff said!