Monday, November 22, 2004

Howard Dean to DNC?

All eyes are on the DNC Chair battle royale and the quest to succeed Clintonista meatpuppet Terry McAuliffe. The next DNC chair has to a) be up in place before March 1 and, according to TheHill, b) "secure the support of a majority of the 447 members of the DNC, most of whom are elected by region." and, c) the 400-plus DNC membership meets in February to select a replacement.

The battle royale features Howard Dean (who, characteristically, has inspired a grass roots online 'Draft Dean' campaign), Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack (ed note: Vilsack just dropped out, Iowa -- which went for Bush -- is out to pasture, lending an updraft to the Dean campaign) or new favorite Simon Rosenberg, or quixotic former Clintonista Alexis Herman (What constituency does Herman even have?) Donna Brazile appears to have fallen of everyone's radar screen, and Hillary Clinton's right arm Harold Ickes is, inexplicably, ignored in the Hill article.

While Dean has his pluses (young crowds like him, he has pizazz, he is an internet fund raising juggernaut), The Hill notes his disadvantages, namely:

"That prospect was gleefully welcomed by Republicans. 'The only thing better than having Howard Dean as DNC chair is Nancy Pelosi as minority leader. They have their bases covered from San Francisco to Burlington. YEAAAHHH,' said Stuart Roy, a spokesman for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas)."

Dean was out in the rain in Little Rock, pressing the flesh, pushing his cause. Vilsack's dropping out is a mighty blow to the chops of incoming Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, who touted the Iowa Governor. Amazingly, as early as last week Senator Tom Harkin, Senator Dick Durbin, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and John Kerry of Massachusetts all endorsed Vilsack.

But tiny Humboldt county may be a signal of things to come, as they endorsed Dean over a list that included Hillary Clinton and Governor Jean Shaheen.

The Corsair predicts that if Hillary wants 2008 -- and The Corsair believes she does, even though the Democratic Party winning would be all but impossible with her at the top of the ticket -- she will begin maneuvering Ickes from behind the scenes.

Ultimately however, The Corsair believes that Howard Dean's Scorpio-style campaign and online support will win the day, making Dean -- and is this a good thing? -- "The KingMaker."