Saturday, September 29, 2007

That Glorious Bill Richardson

No one, baby -- not even Al Gore -- is better qualified to become the President of the United States of America than the glorious Bill Richardson, former Ambassador to the United Nations, former Congressman, former Energy Secretary, and present Governor of the great state of New Mexico -- a purple state, by the way. Dictators fear and respect Richardson. Bill Richardson, for lack of a better word, is the shit.

Unfortunately, his campaign has not caught fire in the heartland. One of the problems is that Richardson, a very aggressive-charismatic man, has toned down his rhetoric after considerable media scrutiny in March. That brutal assessment by The Establishment has, in effect, handicapped him in this race; Richardson, trying to tone-down his Life Force -- he is the world record holder in political handshakes -- now seems lethargic in debates.

If only Richardson gas up in the last quarter and show us his "rib busting political ox-strength.".

Still, Richardson is in the Veep scrum. According to our favorite Dickensian villain Robert Novak:

"NEW Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a Mexican-American who could pin down the Latino vote, is back as a leading vice-presidential prospect if Sen. Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic presidential nomination next year.

"Richardson's poor early showing as a presidential candidate, particularly in debates, had turned off speculation about him for second place on the ticket. But his clever TV ads have pushed him to the top of the second tier of Democratic presidential candidates and back into the vice-presidential swim."

Richardson is not entirely out of contention for the Presidency. The Corsair would love to see Richardson -- a popular Centrist, pro-gun, anti-war Southwestern Latino Governor -- roll up his sleeves and open up a can of intellectual whip-ass on these upstarts in the debates. Really bitch-smack them up on how the world works, Bill.

Bill Richardson is a Corsair kind of candidate. If Al Gore bitches out -- and he probably will opt for making the millions and cruising for a Nobel -- Bill Richardson is our man.

Fer realsies.

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