Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are You As Uneasy About The Bush-Clinton Dynasties As Am I?

It looks as if Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the next Democratic nominee for the United States Presidency in 2008 and, to be sure, you can never quite discount the morbid possibility of good old "Jebby" rounding out the bottom-half of the Republican ticket or -- even sweller -- warming up in the bullpen for a brisk run in 2012.

The dynastic politics of the Bush-Clinton families are distinctly un-American constructs that drive The Corsair to distraction. Bush, 43, clearly went after the Presidency to avenge his father's loss -- not unlike the astonishingly dark Andrew Cuomo's thumo-eideutic questings after the Governorship of the Empire State -- but the whole "family revenge drama" is a thoroughly European narrative, even, dare we say it, an "Old" European model (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).

It has -- and should have -- no fucking place in the clear, logical, crisp-and-clear cosmos of American politics, which was born of the Enlightenment.

Is The Corsair the only "pundit" frankly uneasy at the fact that should Hillary "The Inevitable" Clinton achieve the Presidency -- for two terms, let's assume -- that this country will have been locked inside the dynastic ambitions of these two families for 28 god-damn years. This runs counter to American governmental philosophy, designed specifically inefficient so as to frustrate European-monarchical lusts for centralized power. It is thoroghly American to be paranoid of those who hold power -- especially those who appear to believe that they own positions of power.

Remember how ENRAGED Republicans were that Bill Clinton fairly won an ornery three-way-dance in which H.Ross Perot siphoned off Reagan Democrats, returning the White House to the Democrats after 12 years in the wilderness. Republicans, after 12 years of Reagan-Bush 41, began to believe that they has paid the mortgage for the White House (Averted Gaze). And they never forgave Clinton for foreclosing. Those snippy adjectives attached to Clinton's first term from the Republican Commentering Class -- those who can't do -- always contained bitchish hints of "rash," or, "collegiate," or -- worst of them all -- "not quite Presidential."

They all but called Bill Clinton trailer trash.

What joy they must have felt in inflating a blow job -- no pun intended -- to the level of page A1 above-the-fold. That unattractive bitchiness amng the harridan right was borne out of a black belief that the White House belonged to the GOP. Why else would they talk of post-Clinton "fumigation."

Fucking bitches.

And now the Clinton's have drunk from that same jug of wine. Intoxicating power. These two families -- drunk with arrogance -- act, without any mitigating humility, without any sense of moderation, as if they own the Oval Office and we need them to save us from ourselves.

And The Corsair thoroughly isn't feeling it.

Fer realsies.

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