Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rick Gervais' Pal "Takes The Piss" Out of Elton John

(image via moonbattery)

Yesterday we recounted, sadly, how Sharon Osbourne quite literally shat on Elton John's Rolls Royce ("Inter faecum et urinam natus est, motherfucker!"). Now, in a parallel construction (Eew), we recount how -- figuratively -- alleged "comedian" Stephen Merchant "took the piss" out of the great Elton John. From ThisisLondon:

"... (W)hen Sir Elton, who was hosting an awards ceremony, called the 32-year-old Extras star to the stage to receive an honour, Merchant certainly took his time.

"He kept the singer waiting for several excruciating minutes while he finished his dessert, knocked back a drink and took a stroll around the auditorium before finally going up on stage to accept his award."

Like school on Saturday ... no class.

"And as he collected his prize for being comedian of the year, he shocked the celebrity-packed audience when he said: 'I thought I would keep Elton John waiting for a change as he did to my friend Ricky at the Diana concert.'"


"Merchant's antics seem to have been vengeance for the ridicule heaped on his close friend and Extras co- star Ricky Gervais after the Concert for Diana in July.

"Gervais was lined up to introduce Sir Elton at the memorial concert but had to improvise for 15 minutes until the singer - apparently delayed because of technical difficulties - finally appeared on stage for a finale."

Further: "On stage, he said: 'I was only joking of course, I feel very privileged to be in such esteemed company as Elton John, Michael Caine and Jimmy Nesbitt.'

"Later the TV star, who was accompanied by his film producer girlfriend Claire Jones, told friends: 'If you can't take the p*** out of Elton John, who can you take it out of?

"'Don't get me wrong, I think he is fantastic but he is not the f****** Queen.'"

Actually , that's not technically true....

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