Thursday, September 27, 2007

Armstrong Williams Throws Clarence Thomas A Book Party

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Steve Kroft will be at the swishy Clarence Thomas book soiree in DC next week (Then again, he is doing a piece on him for "60 Minutes," so it officially counts as work.) So will Will Smith, and Charles "Pumpkinheaded" Barkley. AS will Barbara Walters -- wo, we cannot fail to note, likes her men like she likes her coffee (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment) -- so that could count as her (sotto voce) "auditioning the local talent."

Not that The Corsair is a fan of Affirmative Action (which ought to have had a time-limit of 40 years), but it takes some astonishing moxie to benefit from the social program in one's own life and then, after achieving power and parity, argue against it (Averted Gaze). Welcome to the surrealist universe of Clarence Thomas, whose confirmation hearings were so toxic, that he and his wife have lived a rather sequestered life, hanging around conservatives and not getting out much. Apparently, though, the bigoted fat-head Rush Limbaugh is a pal (Averted Gaze), as he has been known to describe Clarence Thomas' most endearing character trait as his laugh.

That's a real pal you've got there, Clarence, baby, let me tell you; a real equal.

Enter: Armstrong Williams, disgraced former journalist. An African-American conservative journalist. Notes from Clarence Thomas' cloistered life (via TheHill):

"Most Washington parties can be crashed with simple name-dropping or the flash of a powerful business card. Next week’s book party for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, however, is off-limits to intruders.

"If you don’t have an invite, don’t come," said Armstrong Williams, who will host the party at his Northeast D.C. home. "And don’t bring guests who aren’t on the list."

"In what surely will come as a shock to some who saddle up to the bar next Wednesday, the party is alcohol-free. Not so shocking for Williams and Thomas — neither drinks.

"Dissecting a D.C. party such as this one is a complicated affair. Plans must be made. Buzz must be created. Above all, an air of exclusivity must be close at hand.

"Williams’s guest list includes jaw-dropping names, even by Washington standards. Thomas’s colleagues on the high court will be there, mingling with Hollywood celebrities, media superstars and powerful members of Congress."

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