Saturday, December 09, 2006

Barbara Walters and Anna Wintour Like Their Coffee Like They Like Their Men

(image via nypost)

If only Barbara Walters and Anna Wintour sat down and really let it all hang out. Wouldn't you love to hear what two icons that have blasted African-American icons really have to say to each other? Cindy Adams, who never met a South Pacific dictator that she didn't like hipped us yesterday on the Babs Walters-Anna Wintour interview:

"THIS 13th year of Barbara Walters' 'Ten Most Fascinating People' special includes Anna Wintour. She naturally asks Wintour's opinion of 'The Devil Wears Prada.' Wintry Wintour replies: 'Entertaining.' And that she supports whatever supports fashion. To whether Meryl Streep captured her, the reply is: 'Meryl was decisive. I, too, am decisive.'

"The interview was done in her office, which a staffer describes as 'café au lait color with touches of espresso and cream.'"

Which, coincidentally, is a poetic way of describing the Barbara Walters-Richard Pryor moist flesh sandwich.

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