Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Will Barbara Walters Admit She Blasted Richard Pryor?


An interesting little soap opera is bubbling over on satellite radio and it involves Upper East Side doyenne and TV News fixture turned yada-yada-yada gabber, Barbara Walters. The demure lady with the six-figures worth the old nip/tuck doesn't seem to want to admit that, at one point, in the 1970s she was blasting Richard Pryor (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment).

No biggie, really: It was the 70s ("Hey baby, what's your sign"). Everyone has an awkward threesome sex and blowcaine story in the Studio 54 bathroom with Liza and Halston, right?

Granted, in the staid world of cucumber sandwiches, media mogul sugardaddies, charities and balls -- no pun intended -- a black man with a combustable cocaine feuled past and multiple sclerosis isn't something that adds to one's C.V. in the rarified air of Park Avenue (Averted Gaze). But if it is, it is; who gives a fuck what the UES squares think?

The sexual lives of our grandparents isn't much of a story, to be frank, for The Corsair; it is odd, though, that Babs Walters went on Howard Stern and patently --patently! -- denied that she ever touched loins with Richard. Vociferously. Adamantly. Like this (From Marksfriggin):

"Howard said he feels that Barbara didn't really want to go to dinner with him the night she went out. he also asked her if she dated Richard Pryor like Paul Mooney had claimed when he was on recently. Barbara said that she did three interviews with Richard and thought he was one of the great geniuses out there. She said she wasn't attracted to him though. She said the only attraction was with Clint Eastwood and she had to stop the interview because she was flirting with him and he was flirting right back.

"Barbara said that she didn't have any sexual relations with Richard Pryor and Howard shouldn't even joke about that. Barbara told Howard she had to get going because they called her a little later than she thought they were going to."

A likely story. We wonder if Barbara Walters broke the speed limit when she hauled ass away.

Anyhoo: Paul Mooney -- who, thank God, will no longer be using the "N-word" in his act, broke it all down and admitted that Pryor and Walters did, indeed, make the beast with two backs. According to Marksfriggin:

"Howard took a call from Irish John who brought up the Barbara Walters story that Paul told a few weeks ago when he was on. He claimed that Richard Pryor had slept with Barbara. When she called the show, she said that she never did that and it was a lie. She said that it was a lie on her show when he called her during vacation. Paul laughed and said that if she denies it, what can he say. He claims he never saw them banging but Howard thought that's what was going on.

"Irish John said that Paul is back peddling. Paul said that's not the case, he said that Richard told him not to talk about it until he was gone. He also had a new name to add to the list and said that Richard was with Connie Chung when she was still hot and doing the news. He said that she was coming around to see Richard all the time back then. Robin asked if he ever saw them kiss. Paul said that they were tongue kissing all the time.

"Howard said that Connie was a beauty and Paul said that you have to go back about 15 years, that's when she was still hot."

So, Richard Pryor likes news-ladies.

While, yes, we know that this will be a letdown for Barbara's friends above East 72nd Street (and Below East 96th Street) -- the whole sleeping with a Negro thing -- Pryor was something of a hottie, and ... it was the 70s. Everyone fucked everyone in the 1970s. If that whole embarrasing 70s sex partner thing really rankles, we suggest Babs just pull a Bette Middler. Didn't Bette Middler once hint that media bottom-feeder Geraldo Rivera put a pre-coital Mickey in her drink at Studio 54 in the 70s? Or was that just a 70s coke dream?

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