Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hugh Grant's "Special Friends"

(image via dailymail)

Although the legendary British jinx Hugh Grant -- how long since he's had a commercial success? -- and former paramour of "Divine Brown" is rumored to be on-again with muscular heiress Jemima "It Puts the Lotion on It's Skin" Khan, that didn't stop him from visiting the appropriately named "Boujis," with, to be sure, some special friends (Averted Gaze). From Daily Mail:

"Hugh Grant picked the wrong venue for a discreet night out with three girls.

"The actor arrived with his party at club-of-the-moment Boujis just after 2.30am this morning - only to dash back to his cab when he saw he had been spotted by the paparazzi."


Anonymous said...

Music & Lyrics this year was a commercial success for a romantic comedy. It topped the Worldwide Box Office chart. Grant always draws the overseas rom-com punters in.

P.S. His ex/current gf looks fugly in those photos, can anyone blame the guy for taking cab rides into the night with three babes?

Ron said...

I stand corrected. Is it okay if i still consider him a bit jinxy?

Anonymous said...

I guess ;)

Anonymous said...

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