Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Naomi Campbell: Pete Doherty Is An Asshole

So fucking hott. (image via eonline)

Gorgeous but difficult supermodel Naomi Campbell, who knows a thing or two about how to handle a "rocker" (as well as the odd heavyweight boxer, and San Francisco Mayor, a Latin Dancer, and racecar driver --plural --&c,&c,&c..., eo ipso dixit), weighs in on the Moss-Doherty "crack" love relationship that went bust. If Naomi were ever to throw down on that 98-pound crackhead, you can be pretty sure that she'd lay him out post-haste with some "foreign object," of the electronic gizmodo variety. and Pete Doherty would stay plastered. From 3AMGirls:

"Pete Doherty better steer clear of Naomi Campbell, the supermodel with a temper has branded him an a***hole for the way he treated Kate Moss ... Naomi, 37, tore into the Babyshambles frontman at the launch of Fashion for Relief, a fashion show to raise cash for Britain's flood victims, at London's Natural History Museum on September 20. The straight-talking Streatham-born babe told us: 'I hear Kate has a new man. That's fantastic - good for her. As long as he's not like that a***hole Pete.

"...'I hated the way he treated her. I don't mind if her new guy's a rocker, as long as he looks after her.'"

To recap: yes, Naomi's still nutty as an Almond Joy. But we'd still blast that.

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