Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sharon Osborne Poops on Elton John's Rolls Royce

(image via bbc)

Sharon Osbourne's estranged brother David paints a rather vivid and unfortunately rather earth-toned portrait -- Eew -- of how his sister gets revenge against her enemies. Real Missing Link stuff, this. Elton John's car suffered Sharon's gooey wrath. From Newsoftheworld:

"TV BITCH Sharon Osbourne delights in dumping all over her celebrity pals—literally!

"But brother David reveals how, behind their backs, she gossips outrageously and breaks their most intimate confidences. And in the case of Elton, Sharon's secret treachery took a horrible twist.

"David told us: 'Elton is Sharon's oldest friend. But to this day, he still doesn't know about one truly disgusting act of spiteful revenge she took against him in the early 70s, long before she met Ozzy.

"Sharon and Elton both fancied the same young man in Los Angeles. And when Elton was the one who finally got him into bed Sharon was furious.

"Accompanied by a friend of ours, who told me everything, she sneaked up to Elton's Beverly Hills mansion, defecated on his driveway then used it for her own dirty protest all over his Rolls-Royce."

Mama says Wha-a-aat?!

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