Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Jamie Foxx: "Did You Know You Could Start Slavery Right Now?"

It's no secret I like the new "urban" Tom Cruise. Fuck, I fairly predicted that he would make the premiere for Collateral in Harlem, player. I was the first to call it what it was, quite frankly, a radical renewal of self. Tom's getting down with his inner soul brother.

And it's so much better than playing lo ultimo, the best, in every film -- Tom Cruise was Brian Flanagan, the best damn drink slinger; we knew him as Cole Trickle, the best damn race car driver; he was fucking Maverick, and, as we all know, "Mav" was the best damn fighter pilot in the US Air Force; he was Ethan Hunt, the best damn covert agent; he was even Detective John Anderton in Minority Report, the best damn detective, with the help of those eerie Precog's; let's face it, throughout the 80s and 90s, Tom Cruise was the best damn everything.

People Magazine did an interview this week that bears Tom's new urban roots:

People: Jamie (Foxx), when you turned 36 in December, did you invite Tom to your party?

Foxx: It's like this: We're all thinking Tom's not coming. He comes in with all the Tom Cruise swagger. He's the messiah. I've never seen black people so shocked. My sister calls her friends. 'Oh my God, he's here! Oh my God, he looks so good! Girl, you should see him!' I say to him, 'Did you know you could start slavery right now?' The bodyguards were having to keep people away. The whole hip hop community got on their two-ways and said Tom Cruise is a thumbs up, because he came down here to kick it with us and he's cool.

The Corsair's crystal ball is so very, very clear.