Friday, August 27, 2004

50 Cent's Beg For Mercy Concert Rider


(image via worth1000)

According to

"Rapper 50 Cent's rider for his current Beg for Mercy tour reportedly runs to 30 pages of lavish demands.

"The Sun claims to have seen the rider for the tour which includes appearances at this weekend's Leeds and Reading Festivals.

"His dressing room must 'comfortably fit' 12 people and include immaculate toilets and shower, a sound system, two sofas, two love seats and a full length mirror.

"For food, 50 demands a dozen assorted cookies, two buckets of KFC chicken, six corn on the cob, a case of beer, two gallons of milk, four gallons of juice and two loafs of bread (Ed Note: one white, one wheat).

"And that's just the light refreshments - he then specifies gut-busting banquets for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

And of course, tobasco. You can't forget the tobasco when you're (air quotes) "getting hoodie."

The list also includes -- I am not lying here:

soft toilet paper, creamy peanut butter, one jar of grape jelly, turkey sausage (who knew that Fitty doesn't have time for swine?), five dozen assorted doughnuts, "butter and marg," cereals(Kellogg's variety packs and Raisin Bran), sliced cheese tray (with four cheeses, onions, pickles lettuce in separate containers), pasta and tuna salad with a minimum of three dressings, "coldslaw" (sp), grilled chicken and tuna melt sandwiches, local specialty to be discussed, and a Saturday meal of BBQ Chicken, ribs and baked fish, a hearty deli tray with four meats and, the coup de grace, four glass ashtrays.

Do you get the creeping suspicion that Fitty and his buddies, "lifted in the head" on nickel bags of inhale, sat around at, like, 3AM, putting together this list, all the while chuckling, while suffering from a vicious case of "the munchies" from "the sticky ickey"?

Finally, I thought a man who could brush off several bullets in the torso would avail himself of stronger things than (Averted Gaze), "soft toilet paper," and (one again, Gaze Averted) "creamy peanut butter." Wouldn't chunky be more in line with keeping it gangsta?

Ahem, Next tour does our so called gangsta demand in his rider "facial moisturizer," and "natural strawberry lip gloss?"

Enquiring minds want to know.

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The Corsair said...

I feel the same way. Must. Have. British. Tabloids. Between the concert riders, the party swag, the free psychological counseling in the form of magazine feature stories, and the open bars, the promotional items, is there anything that a celebrity can spend their seven figure yearly salaries on?

The Corsair said...

yeah, what else do we need on The Corsair Tour rider?