Friday, August 06, 2004

Kimora Simmons' Life & Style

I, for one, cannot wait to see Kimora Simmons' new show Life & Style: I know what you are thinking to yourself, 'No, Ron didn't just compliment Kimora, no, he didn't.

But, yes, I did; but it is, of course, a backhanded compliment"look out"), and not, to be sure, the reason that one might think that I may wish to see Kimora in action on tv. You see, The Corsair likes to watch a natural disaster every now and again, where, all in all, no one dies, or is even hurt.

This is cathartic, restorative, medicinal even. And, thusly, Fashionweekdaily piqued our (The Corsair makes ironic quotation marks out of thin air with his fingers) "Kimora curiosity" -- shall we say, about her new View-like show, which sounds, quite frankly, like The Poseidon Adventure (... and guess who plays the Rosemary Clooney character?):

"The quartet, made up of Kimora Lee Simmons, Jules Asner, Cynthia Garrett, and Lynne Koplitz, hope to become the 'it' show for women with compelling fashion, celebrity, relationship, and lifestyle content. Asner serves as the show�s 'Meredith Viera' while Cynthia Garrett is more 'Star Jones' (Ed Note: Eeeeww)� you can see an air of annoyance, for example, come over her because of the amateur behavior of her co-host, 'Speak English bi-otch,' she finally yelled at Simmons. Adding to the delicious cattiness, Koplitz told Simmons to 'act like a lady' because of her constant fighting.

"Simmons, wearing an overload of diamonds for daytime, brought her Baby Phat entourage with her, 'Why are you wearing sunglasses?' she asked one of her employees. The answer unimportant, she moved on, 'I wore eyeglasses yesterday to court but I didn�t tell anybody they were prescription.' She did keep it real however, by wearing Baby Phat jeans for the show. Simmons does provide much comic relief in edited segments of her trying to bargain shop�with coupons! Her assignment was to shop for a family of four for under $100. She spent $96 and bought a flat iron for her hair."

Oh, it's on like Gray Poupon, people, from now until the debut, that's my mantra; we are so there; TiVo's set for stun.


Shaw Israel Izikson said...

Yea, but is anyone surprised?

He was the Keith Richards/Marv Albert of funk.

The Corsair said...

Cocaine ... it's a hell of a drug.