Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I couldn't resist this LA.com blog piece:

"Swanky celeb dinner parties are as old as the Hollywood Hills, but a recent one, thrown by a big time female star whose career has recently hit a few nasty speed bumps, turned out to be one for the books. Her oh-so-hip guests filed into the dining room of her lavish home and were amused to find the walls covered with glam photo portraits of the star from the beginning of her career, but (given the star�s famously wicked sense of humor) all assumed she was spoofing. Until, that is, she kept steering the dinner conversation back to herself, asking each guests to name which of her movies they liked best, which scenes they loved her best in, and what kind of movie they think she should do next. Oh, but Dolly hears that�s nothing compared to the nights she�s invited girlfriends over for pajama parties that always involve watching one of her earlier movies on video--which she watches with absolute entrancement. Paging Norma Desmond. "

Cameron Diaz? Just a guess.

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starzstylista said...

Billy Bob Thornton.