Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Best of Corsair


What can I say? It's deep summer -- deep deep summer-- and everyone's on vacation, it appears, except me. To top it all off, it's a slow news day.

So here are some oldies, but goodies, on the vanity of celebrity. My own little bonfire of the vanities:

Mike Tyson and Naomi Cambell

Arianna Huffington: Golddigger?

Jailhouse Pen Pals

The Charlie Rose Drinking Game

The Zenith of the 80s

Jackie, Oh!

An Open Letter to Rapper-Actors

And, I mean, like: who knows? Maybe the head writer at The Daily Show will be smitten with the writing and say -- "bring this kid on board. He's got the good stuff."

Dare to dream.


starzstylista said...

I confused by zenith of the 80s, wasn't that St. Elmo's Fire? (I'm so embarassed.)

The Corsair said...

yup, In my humble opinion the 80s ended when Rob Lowe's character packed up his sax and got on the grayhound at the end of the film. And St.Elmo's Fire was the zenith of the 80s, a lyrical momnet that could never be duplicated.


The Corsair said...

"I can be your man in motion ..."