Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Mase to P Diddy: Only A Brief Cameo

As a Scorpio Sun Sign, and thus gifted with an innate insight into the mysteries of the human personality, P Diddy should have instinctively known that making a man sing and dance in a jersey emblazoned with the number "2," while he got his groove on unfettered with a jersey boldly proclaiming his staus as number "1," probably was not, in retrospect, a good idea. That's kind of like saying that you are P Diddy's bitch, or something.

Men are prideful creatures, doubly so in the gritty urban world of hip hop where strength and money and bling bling prevail, and even if, say, some among the number don't roll like alpha dawg gangstas, one doesn't advertise that fact in a music video. That's what we call in parlance: playing yourself.

Apparently Mase, who famously played himself in the Can't Nobody Hold Me Down video, is getting payback, realeasing years of simmering resentment in the process. According to SOHH (the link, and much thanks, go to the eagle eyed Tom at TheMediaDrop):

"As the release of his comeback LP nears, Mase recently criticized Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs for stealing his artists' spotlight and is readying his second single.

"While all seems well at Bad Boy, Mase, whose Welcome Back will be released through Fo Reel/Bad Boy Records said that Diddy should focus on promoting his artists instead of dominating screen time in their videos. When Mase first stepped on the scene in 1997, Diddy was featured all over the rapper-turned-pastor's videos like 'Feel So Good.' However, on Mase's Welcome Back, Diddy is limited to a brief cameo.

"'I have to say this: It is a total robbery to the artist, because how can you really focus on a person's career. I mean really, this time I can't lie. I can't sugarcoat it. That wouldn't help me. I'm saying this not just for Puff but for everybody else too,' Mase told regarding Diddy's excessive appearances on his artists' material. 'Can I give you an example: Take Donald Trump. He got all this property, right? He is the CEO of the company. If he starts going out and selling property, he's taking food out of the broker's mouth. And you the CEO! Let the brokers eat. Does that make sense?'"

I don't know, does it?

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