Thursday, August 05, 2004

Angelina and Colin, like Mother and Son

From Premiere, September 2004:

"The Olympians role was pivotal, and Stone, who knew (Angelina) Jolie well from helping develop Beyond Borders, turned to her. The decision came down to a Manhattan meet-up with (Colin Farrell). 'At dinner the first night, it was funny,' (Oliver) Stone recalls. 'He was all over her, he was like the Irish boy -- he wasn't Alexander, he was just falling in love with her, couldn't help himself. I was thinking 'It was the right choice, because he's behaving like a baby.' And she was laughing at him, it was very funny -- she was -- older. I don't know if actors sometimes act out their desires and he wanted to be the infant to her mother ... it works.'"

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