Thursday, August 26, 2004

Halle Gives Away Eric Benet's Clothes

She didn't burn down his house, no she didn't, but what she did still suggested "ghetto;" Halle Berry gave away Eric Benet's suits to the homeless, according to Hello Magazine (The Corsair softly chuckles):

"Halle Berry has helped some of Los Angeles' homeless community get a designer makeover, by giving her ex-husband's suits to charity. The Oscar-winning actress was apparently tired of waiting for Eric Bennett to pick up his clothes, so she decided to get rid of them herself. According to newspaper reports she dropped the suits off at a charity collection point."

That's deep. A woman scorned is a deep thing. I mean, what can Eric Benet say: 'I want my Armani back!' after it's got Ripple stains on it? And, of course, he'd look like a dick, like a fucking Vin Diesel, for wrestling his Saville Row from someone living on Skid Row.

Then again, you know Halle bought those clothes. There is no way Eric Benet could afford designer fashion making the crappy music that he makes. I mean, do you know anybody who owns an "Eric Benet joint"? (The sound of crickets)

One things for certain: There are going to be a lot of sharply dressed down on their luck chaps soon. So if upon a winters night a hobo dressed in Glenn Plaid and French cuffs asks if you for a quarter ...

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The Corsair said...

Hey, Real Black Girl, thanks for the comments. You know Halle bought those clothes, though. Eric Benet doesn't stike me as an Armani kind of guy.