Saturday, August 28, 2004

Kim Cattrall's $10 G Taxi Tip

According to Ananova:

"Kim Cattrall gave a New York cabbie a cheque for 10 thousand dollars after he found her laptop.

"The Sex And The City star was devastated when an assistant left the computer on the back seat of the taxi, reports the Daily Star.

"It reportedly contained details for a book about the show.

"A source told the paper: 'It made Kim's day when this taxi driver turned up with it.'

"Meanwhile, the 48-year-old actress is the new star of a ($5.3 million) advertising campaign for Tetley tea."

$10,000 for a day of good press after the SATC movie went bust (reportedly because of conflicts between Kin and Sarah Jessica Parker) is a good deal, if you ask a cynic like me. Here are the cynical tallies for the SATC Endorsements Competition:

Sarah Jessica Parker (1st Place)
The Gap John Kerry

Kristin Davis (2nd Place)

Kim Cattrall (3rd Place)
Tetley Tea

Cynthia Nixon (4th Place)

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Anonymous said...

10K? That's one happy cabby.