Thursday, August 19, 2004

A Little of The Old In and Out

In: Beyonce's Hair. Her hair is very, very wealthy, thesmokinggun reports:

"The pop singer's five-year endorsement deal with L'Oreal is worth a maximum of $4.7 million and requires the 22-year-old star to work just ten days annually (though the company can ask for two extra ten-hour "service days" at the bargain daily rate of $25,000). Along with the ten days worth of photo shoots, promotional gigs, and personal appearances, Knowles must apprise the cosmetics giant of "any radical changes to her hair any concert tour may necessitate" and has to maintain her luxurious auburn locks "in excellent condition." ... The lucrative contract ... also gives L'Oreal the right to actually inspect Beyonce's hair as long as she gets two weeks notice."

Out: Beyonce's Toe. Although Beyonce has rich hair, her toe is broken by a bodyguard nicknamed, "Shorty". Ananova reports:

"Beyonce's bodyguard has broken her toe after standing on her foot. The singer was on a shopping trip in New York when her bodyguard nicknamed Shortie, accidentally stood on her foot while trying to shield her from a crowd of fans.

"According to MTV a source said: 'There were some fans on his tail and he was too busy watching them to see where he was putting his feet.

"'Beyonce let out a shriek and hobbled back to her car, wincing in pain. She looked angry at first, but then she burst out laughing because you would have thought she had been shot by the way he was reacting.'

"Doctors have told Beyonce to rest for a couple of weeks.

"A friend said: 'Beyonce knows that Shortie is there to protect her and she also knows that he will always do his best to be by her side.'"

No word yet on whether or not Jay Z is going to Get Shorty.

In: The Frost Versus Sessions Texas Congressional Race. That's hott. The thirteen term Democrat, Martin Frost, is in the most expensive congrssional race in the nation. Add hijinx to the mix, and we're so there. According to TheHill:

"Rep. Martin Frost's (D) campaign released a police report yesterday revealing that his opponent this fall, Rep. Pete Sessions (R), was stopped by police in 2002 for removing lawn signs from a highway median a few days before his last reelection.

"The 2002 police report released by Frost shows that Dallas police officer Jana Brewster stopped Sessions and a Washington, DC, staff member in 2002 as they removed lawn signs from a Dallas highway for Sessions' then-opponent, Pauline Dixon, who he eventually beat with 68 percent of the vote.

"Sessions and the staff member were pulling up Dixon's lawn signs and loading them into the bed of his red pickup truck when Brewster pulled up to ask the two men what they were doing. Brewster then asked Sessions if Dixon knew he was pulling up her lawn signs. He replied, 'No."

The Corsair softly chuckles.

"She then asked him if he was running against Dixon. Sessions said, 'Yes.' The police report has attracted widespread media attention in Texas over the last couple of days.

"Frost's campaign released the report because Sessions's campaign blamed them for plastering signs all over Lakewood Elementary in the first place, said Justin Kitsch, a spokesman for Frost's campaign. The ensuing war of words provoked them to release the 2002 report, Kitsch said. Earlier this year, Frost and Sessions vowed to run clean campaigns."

Not in this ultra-partisan environment. No how. No way.

In: Bitney's My Prerogative Update (link via Stereogum). According to MTV News, here's a sneak peak at her "My Prerogative" video:

"The singer ignores streetlights and traffic laws as her sports car speeds up a dark road in the Hollywood Hills toward a hillside manor, which has an air of old Hollywood about it, according to a copy of the video treatment obtained by MTV News. A party is in progress, which the singer gladly disrupts, jumping the curb in her car, crashing through a fence and splashing into the pool.That sort of thing might put a damper on most people's party plans, but Spears just crawls atop the car as it sinks and starts singing, 'Everybody's talking/ All this stuff about me/ Why can't they just let me live?'

"Her dress soaking wet and clinging to her skin, she steps off the car and goes into the mansion, giving partygoers a look that commands respect and fear. She passes couples making out on the couches as she makes her way into a stainless-steel kitchen, where gourmet food is on display. She grabs a butcher knife, walks across the kitchen brandishing the knife, and just as she steps out of the room, she cuts the straps off her wet dress, letting it fall to the floor.While it's not clear if she's wearing anything now, Spears walks into a study, where a man sits in the dark with his back to her, watching a black-and-white film projected on a pull-down screen. It looks like a skin flick from the 1940s or '50s, but as he watches it, his cigar smoke curling up and illuminated in the projector beam, it becomes clear that the sexy footage is actually of Spears."

More here.

Out: Disneyworld. The LA Times reports (link via defamer) that, "Although the storm forced Disney to shut down Animal Kingdom for a day, it caused only minimal damage to the resort, which opened three of its parks the next morning after extensive cleanup efforts by employees." Minimal damage. Damn. It's a small world after all.

In: Heatherette. According to Fashionweekdaily: "Heatherette designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains are going back to school this September. But don�t go searching the halls of Parsons just yet�the only school supplies that the two are likely to employ won�t be found in any desk, but rather on the runway at the Bryant Park Tents. Rich and Rains have themed their September 8th fashion show 'Heatherette High 2005.' And to keep with the high-school theme, the pair enlisted friend Boy George to create the show�s invitation, drawing on the motif�cliques, cheerleaders, and jocks�that the entire show is designed around.

"Encased in a marble composition notebook-designed cover, the invitation features a photo of notables Lydia Hearst, nighttime personality Amanda Lepore and the designers themselves. 'The reason why the show is a tribute to high school is because I never went to school,' Rich said. 'I�m making up for time lost. Besides, the nightlife scene I�m in acts like �The Breakfast Club� with all its cliques.'�

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