Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Reba McEntyre Calls in Sick

Medialife reports that country music crooner Reba is unhappy with her salary at WB. Does anyone watch this drivel:

"Reba McEntire has called in sick to the WB Network at least twice in the past month, stating that she could not film episodes of her sitcom 'Reba' due to a 'family emergency' in Oklahoma. Rumors have now surfaced that McEntire is displeased with her current salary, but she is expected to return to work today without having renegotiated her contract."

Hmmm. What would that phone call sound like?

Executive Producer Allison Gibson: Hello?

Reba: H'lo, Allison?

Allison: Yes, Reba? Reba? We are going to start shooting in ten minutes. Where are you?

Reba: Uhm, My uncle who trains CIA agents in Oklahoma's trailer done blew up. He was making crystal meth and something ignited.

Allison: (skeptically) Yes, well, I'm sorry to hear that. This wouldn't have anything to do with your salary.

Reba: Uhm. It might.

Allsion: What's wrong.

Reba: I just don't think someone on tv should be making $8.50 an hour.

Allsion: This isn't tv, Reba, it's the WB.

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