Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Great Scott! Superman Casting Chaos

Henry Cavill, a British yet-to-be-known, will play Superman in the upcoming Last Son of Krypton film by Warner Brothers and director McG, who incidentally, punkd Katie Holmes but good.

Playing opposite thr man of steel, apparently, is Beyonce who will be Lois Lane, or at least that is what most media sources are reporting. That having been said, according to insider geek site,, up until Thursday January 29th, was wide open, and director McG had apparently been having second thoughts about casting the bootylicious singer.

Media outlets arealso reporting that Academy Award nominee Johnny Depp's name is at the top of the list tomplay Lex Luthor, which contrasts starkly with the geek inside word that Depp is being talked about for the role of Jor El, Superman's father. It will be interesting to see who got it right, the gossip press, who often are so rushed to be ahead of the scoop that they do not factcheck, or the geek insiders.

Oh, you don't find who ultimately playes the role of Jor El interesting? It's just me? (Looks around nervously)

Whatever. (holds his head in shame for delivering this story)

It's a slow day, my little pomegranates

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