Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Samuel L. Jackson's Subway Nightmare

In the March 2004 FHM Magazine, Samuel L. Jackson tells this harrowing tale of the evil subway. A "very special" Corsair:

" I was riding the A train late at night. I was getting off the train and there was a woman in front of me who had some shopping bags, and one broke. I stopped, very un-New York like, and helped her pick up her stuff. When the door closed, I had one foot in the subway, and one on the platform. Luckily for me I was in the last car. As the train took off, I was snatched off by my feet and my body twisted, ripping all the shit in my knee. I was dragged along, dodging the poles and I couldn't get my shoe off. Eventually somebody pulled the emergency chord which stopped the train. I didn't find out until a year later when I was in court that the reason it took so long to pull the chord was that the guy who did was on crutches."

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