Monday, February 09, 2004

Twilight of the B-Listers

Those wacky 3AM Girls blow up Paris Hilton's spot today (I know, that sentence sounds vaguely porny on this end too). Apparently, Paris tried and tried and tried to get into Clive Davis' exclusive pre-Grammy party but was nixed. Cheer up, Paris, The Corsair wasn't invited either.

The 3AM Gals write:

"(The) millionaire hotel heiress had a rude awakening at the weekend when she tried to blag a ticket to record boss Clive Davis's pre-Grammy Awards bash at the Beverly Hills Hotel in LA.

"America's answer to Lady Victoria Hervey found out just how far down the celeb list she was when she tried desperately to get an invite.

"For not only did one fail to materialise, but her name was not on the guest list either.

"Yesterday, a spokesman for Davis said: 'Paris wouldn't be on his guest list. Clive Davis's parties are legendary and his list is for musical royalty.'

"So, in desperation, 22-year-old Paris apparently got on the phone and begged Davis, head of J Records, to let her come. But her pestering didn't impress the music mogul. He was heard telling a companion, 'That girl has been calling me non-stop. Why can't she leave me alone? I don't even know her.'"

But while The Corsair sat back and licked his uninvited wounds, Paris was, well, Positively Parisian. So what does a spoiled girl like Paris do when faced with adversity? She gatecrashed with her boytoy Nick Carter.

Damn, Paris is as ubiquitous on the crimson-gold media landscape as Joe Trippi.

And speaking of Paris, her former B-Lister paramour Joe Francis, the "founder" of the sleazy Decline of Western Civilizationesque Girls Gone Wild videos (Paris vacationed in August in Ibiza with young Joe) is having trouble getting into parties as well, as Deborah Schoeneman writes in New York:

"Francis, who may be worth upwards of $100 million, is under investigation for taping girls he allegedly knew were underage engaging in lewd acts, but true to form, he hasn�t let that stop him from partying. Large bouncers and a conspicuous lack of invitations, on the other hand, have crimped his style. Francis told friends he had a ticket for the Golden Globes ceremony, but he never showed and wasn�t on any of the studios� lists. And we hear he was begging (once again) to get into the after-parties. 'I said no,' says one event planner. 'I don�t even think Playboy would welcome him at their parties.' The planner was right, of course. Displaying a strangely admirable tolerance for rejection, Francis showed up solo to Playboy�s Super Bowl party in Houston. 'He was literally begging to get in. I mean, he was explaining how he�s a celebrity and he needs to walk on the red carpet and explain what�s going on in his life to the press,' says that party�s gatekeeper. Francis�s worst offense, however, was offering to bring Mario Lopez (Saved by the Bell) to get VIP access. 'Needless to say, he never got in.' Francis didn�t respond to our e-mail."

Meanwhile, Paris has been in a suing mood of late. As Medialife writes:

"Reality TV star Paris Hilton got a reality check when her sex life became public knowledge. Now the scheming socialite has sued a Panama-based internet company for $30 million for illegal distribution of her infamously raunchy tape of her cavorting with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon. The 22-year-old hotel heiress has sued Kahatani Ltd. for violation of privacy, illegal business practices and infliction of emotional distress. Hilton, the star of the Fox reality show 'The Simple Life,' is seeking $15 million in actual damages and $15 million in punitive damages."

There's no such a thing as bad publicity, only too little.

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