Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Allegra Beck

Allegra Beck. This from the New York Times:

"At the end of this month, on her 18th birthday, Allegra Beck will come into control of her 50 percent of the privately held Versace firm; her mother owns 20 percent and Santo, 30 percent. The family's holdings include the fashion business, which had sales last year of $486 million, as well as a villa on Lake Como and a town house in New York. The family has sold the Miami Beach house.

"Though her name is as prominent as a Hilton, Ms. Beck isn't a typical heiress. This is in part because of what she has endured and in part because her father, Paul Beck, and her mother, who are separated, have shielded her from the news media. She attends a private school in Milan and is often present at her mother's runway shows. But, while Ms. Beck will soon be free to exert control over one of the most famous labels in fashion, she plans to enroll this fall in an American university to study drama and business."

The Corsair would like to take this opportunity to formally extend to Allegra Beck a full scholarship to the Ron Mwangaguhunga School of Drama and Business, registration guaranteed upon turning 18. Call me?