Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Martha Talks

On her web site, the embattled Martha Stewart appears tasteful in earth tones, seated on some firewood at her place in Westport, Connecticut, with Teeny, her cat. She writes on her tribulations on

"Dear Friends:"

(The Corsair gets a warm feeling in his chest, leans into the computer, sips his Cutty Sark contentedly)

"As my trial unfolds, I am hopeful and optimistic that I will be exonerated and able once again to devote my full attention to developing and promoting the creative homekeeping ideas that so many loyal customers and supporters have come to rely on for inspiration in their own kitchens, gardens and craft rooms."

(The Corsair shakes his fist at his computer, in true Gemini form, angered at being pitched to by Martha, of all people, even now)

"The second week of courtroom proceedings is underway."

I'll say. Now, can you say Faneuil? I can't and I took several years of Frenchy.

Anyhoo, Martha continues talking:

"As part of my promise to keep you informed about key developments, my attorneys and I will do our best to post relevant items from the trial and related op-eds, as soon as they become available."

(The Corsair leaps up and down in pleasure at the considers all the blog entries that will ensue)

"I want to thank all of you again -- and particularly those who have written to me with such kind words and allowed me to post them here -- for your support and encouragement.

"Sincerely, Martha Stewart

Post your thoughts on the Martha mess.

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