Monday, February 02, 2004

Oh, so THAT'S What a Chocolate Starfish is! Re: Janet Jackson

Forget for a moment the Jesus Juice, the prosthetic nose, the Playboy pictorial with the boa constrictor -- forget even the duet with Pia Zadora, When the Rain Begins to Fall: In the late 80s in urban neighborhoods there was a compelling little t-shirt that read, "I wish I could live on a planet -- dammit! -- where ever woman looked like Janet." Charmed, I'm sure. But the makers of this "t" (excuse the pun) hadn't forseen the Superbowl images of the, uhm, "wardrobe malfunction" that everyone -- everyone -- is talking about today. And my clock counter on this site is going gonzo for people who are clicking on The Corsair to see some Janet flesh. So, without any snark or ado, I'm gonna link you to what you so obviously want: hereeees, Janet! (thank you, as always, Gawker, for the link)

Also: download the video here:

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