Thursday, February 05, 2004

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Nicholson

Rush and Molloy give us some remarkable quotes from Jack Nicholson, horny Hollywood badboy who, it appears, is finally growing long in the tooth.

Rush and Molloy write:

"The once-unrepentant rake still takes Viagra (though only 'when I am with more than one woman'). And he still loves to 'wind up' Diane Keaton by telling her what I did on the weekend ... [She says], 'Jack, you are absolutely disgusting!' (ed note: The same can be said of Keaton's Clown art book)

The article continues:

"But, at age 66, (Nicholson's) decided that 'it is very unattractive for me to be seen fawning over little, tiny girls.'

"Having soured on dating, he misses being in a real relationship. 'I get lonely,' he told London's Daily Telegraph this week. 'I wish I had a partner.'"

So, for the record, although Jack still likes to fawn over little tiny girls, he won't because, to jealous bourgois suburban families on vacation doing, say, the tour of star homes, such acts appear as unattractive? And I thought Jack embodied the hip swinging 60s, not the Eisenhower 50s.

Stop the world, someone, I want to get off.

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