Tuesday, February 24, 2004

David Guest's Medical Records or, He Denies any Amaurosis Fugax

TheSmokinggun.com via Gawker gets the goods on David Guest's medical records, and it is a treasure trove of yum. So much so, in fact, that this gossip pirate has only scratched the surface dubloons of its booty.

We find out, for instance, that Guest, who has a "significant medical history," is allergic to polyester. And his signature is, well, demonic. He takes oxycontin, (aka poor man's heroin) two times a day. His bowel sounds are positive.

The guys at TheSmokinggun.com fill us in:

"The 2003-4 documents, just filed in connection with litigation between Gest and estranged wife Liza Minnelli, purport to record the 50-year-old producer's fragile, pain-filled existence since Liza allegedly went Sonny Liston on him last June during a London holiday. Since then, Gest has been living in Hawaii, where he is presently being treated with a 'bizarre and irrational course of medications and treatments,' according to a New York doctor who reviewed Gest's records for the Minnelli camp. The records are filled with accounts of Gest's morphine drips, insomnia, lesions, elevated cholesterol levels, and other details from his stays at Honolulu's Queen's Medical Center."

As to the mechanics of the ass whipping -- alleged ass whipping -- that Liza handed out:

"The patient was struck on the forehead, temporal and parietal areas by his spouse on June 18, 2003. He states that he was assaulted by his spouse on numerous occasions over the last year; however the last occasion was especially violent."

Oh god, this is juicy. Read it all here.

What do we learn? That doctors who cater to the rich and powerful will often enable any nutso or addictive behavior so long as said upper tax bracketer has the green to pay for it.

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