Tuesday, February 10, 2004

JLo and Marc Anthony

Star Magazine, whose publisher Colleen Wyse, incidentally, is out after just 16 weeks on the job, is reporting in their February 11 issue a budding Latino power coupling between JLo and the freshly single Marc Anthony. A veritable Jennthony.

"Star has learned that the couple moved on to a very prestigious LA hotel where they spent the next five days holed up in the Presidential Suite, feasting on room service, watching videos, and, according to an insider, 'got reacquainted romantically.' They then traveled on to Miami a week later where Anthony decamped in the guest suite of Lopez' waterfront mansion. Afraid of being spotted with Anthony in public as 'he is still legally married,' the couple took a private boat, the 'Sea Ray,' out for a ride, were seen hugging and kissing and then, went below deck for more privacy."

Below deck? Sea Ray? Below deck? What? Is Star trying to get the Neil Strauss Best Porn Screenplay award or something?

Anyhoo: While we're on the subject of Star, the Toronto Globe and Mail calls the new profile of IWantMedia.com's Media Person of the Year Bonnie Fuller in Vanity Fair "devastating."

A taste: "Even Fuller's reported best friend, Jane Hess, is quoted as saying, 'She's like a shark.'"

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