Thursday, February 19, 2004

Stuttering John To Ann-Ann-Announce L-Leno

Accorrding to this story, Stuttering John Melendez of The Howard Stern Show will take a rr-rrr-rrun at announcing the Jay Leno Show. "He is working with a speech coach to control his stutter, a Tonight Show spokeswoman told The Associated Press Wednesday." Hmmm: how do we feel about that?

An unofficial site of the show, Marksfriggin, says of the matter:

"John has been part of Howard's show since the late 1980's so this is going to be quite a change for him. It may be a sign of things to come for others on the show since Howard has been threatening to leave radio when his current radio contract is up in less than 2 years. John may just be the first person to find a job outside of the Stern Show in anticipation of Howard possibly bailing out. "

Melendez begins announcing as early as March 29.

""Growing up, I was always a big fan of The Tonight Show and its amazing history. Now to actually be a part of it is beyond my wildest dreams!' Melendez said in a statement.

"'I thank Howard Stern, the most talented radio personality, for giving me my start, for without him, The Tonight Show would never even know me. I am looking forward to working with Jay Leno and the rest of The Tonight Show staff.'"

Stuttering John is perhaps best known for asking an embarrassing question of Bill Clinton's former paramour Gennifer Flowers, so nicely recounted by

"It was John's amazing performance at Gennifer Flowers's first press conference that established him as a national figure, worthy of discussion on The McLaughlin Group, of all places (where they referred to him as 'Mr. Melendez'). If ever there was a sanctimonious event worthy of puncturing, it was Flowers's public revelation of the sex-filled taped conversations between herself and then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

"'Gennifer, did Governor Clinton use a condom?' John's booming stutter cut through the packed hall. Flowers tried to suppress a grin, but her handlers became irate. They tried to field more dignified questions, but John was persistent: 'Will you be sleeping with any other presidential candidates? Was there ever a threesome?'"

John will also be doing interviews for Jay, but, we imagine, they will be of a tamer, more network friendly variety.

Oh, and yes, my little pomegranates, any week where the lead off blog concerns Stuttering John is indeed a slllooow week.

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