Saturday, February 21, 2004

My Pal Susan Shapiro

Last night as per my usual Friday night rituals (excepting, of course, the Azazel Goat) I went to the local bar for some jesus juice, hit on the ladies, came up dry, and, ultimately, got home zozzled (great word, zozzled, it was coined by Edmund Wilson, the daddy cool of American literary curmudgeons in his book The Sixties; Edmund liked Ginger snaps, liverworst sandwiches and gin, not necessarily in that order, mind you) That damned Cutty Sark had gotten the best of me. For some reason I assumed that a little light reading would solve the problem of my perilous equilibrium. So I picked up my old pal Susan Shapiro's book Five Men Who Broke My Heart and started reading. It's fantastic, brutally honest, funny, just beautiful. And I'm not just saying that becuase she is one of my favorite people in the world. I barely slept because I was so into what Susan was saying.

Susan will be on The Today Show on Wednesday, and reading at KGB Bar on Tuesday night. I'll be the one drinking Cutty Sarks and laughing at Sue's jokes.

Miramax has got to option this story and get Helen Hunt to play Sue.

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